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From: Human Resources Reps <HRREP@list.uvm.edu> On Behalf Of Kathleen Kemp
Sent: Friday, October 25, 2019 9:31 AM
Subject: October HR Rep Meeting Notes, plus attachments

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HR Rep Meeting Notes - October 22, 2019 DRAFT

Greg Paradiso, Director of Benefits, opened the meeting by introducing Jamie Peterson, Business Support Generalist in Human Resource Services.

1.   Records Retention

Tessa Lucey, Director of Compliance Services and Chief Privacy Officer, gave a power point presentation. They explained the basics of our duty as UVM employees to safeguard all information gathered in the course of performing our jobs duties. Tessa’s slides are included with these meeting notes.


Q: How do we know when and how long to keep/store records?

A: Refer to link to the policy contained in the presentation slides and remember the “4-bucket” rule.

Q: Should departments keep original temp forms and I-9 documents?

A:  Jes Kraus, Chief Human Resources Officer, stressed the importance of confirming that HR received copies of these documents, and indicated that further clarification will be provided in the near future.


2.   Benefits Open Enrollment Updates

Greg Paradiso, Director of Benefits, gave a power point presentation highlighting changes to benefits for 2020. The slides are included with these meeting notes.

Q: Will there be a change to the 6-month waiver period for dental coverage and new hires?

A: Not at this time.

Q: Can you opt into and out of VSP?

A:  Once you are enrolled, you are locked in for the calendar year.  Changes can be made during future Open Enrollment periods.

Q:  Could you clarify the term of life insurance ie: when does coverage end?

A:  Coverage remains in place while you are employed and if you retire with benefits; Coverage ends at age 70. 

Q:  If you die while an active employee, is there any payout?

A:  The payout would be based on your life insurance election.


3.   Lactation Program and Resources on Campus

Stephanie Glock, Fleming Museum of Art Business Manager, gave a power point presentation that is included with these meeting notes.

Q:  What are the options for a visitor who is a nursing mother?

A:  There are information signs at each nursing space that include a phone number to gain access.

4.   FLSA Update: New Salary Threshold

Andrea Mast, Director of Classification and Compensation, gave a power point presentation.  The information will be added to the HRS website soon.  Andrea’s presentation is included with these meeting notes.

Q:  What about the job title of Graduate Research Assistants?

A:  It will be clarified later.

Q:  How do we handle employees whose term is less than 12 months and they work during the off-months?

A:  They still have to earn $684/week.