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See below for information on the 5/28/19 HR Reps meeting.

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Jes Kraus, Associate Chief HR Officer, opened the meeting.

1.   Overview of new organizational chart and staffing realignment plan  


2.   Introduction of new plan for HR Rep Meetings

The department is considering holding fewer meetings a putting a larger focus on training.


Q: What topics are on your mind for training?

A: Employee record retention.

A: Leave management

A: EPAR changes related to temp work and staff positions

A: Cyclical or repeated trainings are valuable. Topic: temp employee content, and EPAR

A: Temp hiring and cyclical trainings because the work changes with the seasons

A: Progressive discipline.

Q: How infrequently were you proposing to meet? Monthly is not too many meetings. Quarterly meetings is too infrequent.


Mary Brodsky, Director of Labor Relations & Employment Services

3.   Maintaining the HR Reps List

The list of key HR Representatives should be up to date. Please check this link:  https://www.uvm.edu/sites/default/files/Human-Resource-Services-and-Operations/HRSDocs/Benefits/HR_Reps_07.26.18.pdf

Should be at least one, no more than two people for each unit designated as a key HR Representative. We have telephone numbers listed. These people are the first point of contact on HR issues for their department or unit. We check and update the list annually and it’s that time of year. If you have changes to make, please email Kathleen Kemp at Kathleen.kemp@uvm.edu on or before June 15.

The HR Reps listserv reaches all key HR Representatives PLUS additional individuals who have HR related responsibilities or an interest in receiving HR notes and updates.


Kait Rooney, HR Services Supervisor

4.   An update on APFs

Penny will be checking in about the access to be sure it is correct. Please respond to her.

Q: After that period of time will only electronic be accepted? Will there still be situations that require a paper form?

A: Yes, unusual pay situations will still require a paper submissions.


Rafae Khan, Recruitment & Retention Advisor

1.   Performance reviews

Next Friday, June 7 is the deadline to complete performance reviews. After the deadline, any partial reviews will be deleted.

We can allow for extensions, but it means moving the reviews to an “Exceptions” program and any work completed so far on the review would be lost. Anyone wishing to do this should contact Rafae directly.

A final email will be sent to supervisors with overdue reviews on Friday to give them a one week warning. A similar email was sent to them earlier in May.


Q: When you say fully completed, do you mean step 6?

A: Yes, step 6 marks it complete.

Contact Rafae for any other questions.


Elisabeth Blair, Representative of Staff Council

2.   Staff Council Scholarship Program

The Staff Council is launching a pilot scholarship program to award $10,000 each year for 2 years to staff to attend trainings, conferences, and other forms of professional development. The benefit is open to all non-represented staff. The program start date is June 1, applications will be reviewed and awarded quarterly, and $500 will be available to each grantee. A rubric of the benefit’s standards will be made available online.

Q: In the application, do you have to indicate what you’re applying for?

A: Yes, the application requires details about what specific event is applied for. The program will also request a report to be submitted after the event to help demonstrate the efficacy of the grant program.


Q: Does the supervisor have to sign off on the application? Is there consideration of the time off request?

A: Yes, the application requires a supervisor’s signature.


Jes Kraus, Associate Chief HR Officer, closes the meeting.

Next meeting will be scheduled in June.