Our Mission

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To ensure the fiscal integrity of the University through stewardship of resources and by providing reliable financial information, responsive service, and objective advice to the University community.

Our Vision

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  • The Division plays a major role in ensuring a sustainable financial structure for the University to provide high-quality and affordable education for all its students.

  • We practice and perfect a common approach/philosophy to excellent customer service DF-wide.

  • The UVM campus community understands what we do and the value we provide for our cost.

  • The central finance and budgeting functions we provide are complemented appropriately by high-quality unit-level functions provided by academic unit finance staff.

  • We continuously improve our efficiency through professional development, technology and the input and ideas of DF staff.

  • The Division of Finance‚Äôs reputation for providing challenging and meaningful work in a supportive workplace attracts top-quality talent.

Our Values

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We value honesty, accuracy, consistency, and professionalism.