IBB Project Timeline
December 2012 UVM Budget Self-Study Completed
February 2013 University Business Council Webinar on IBB
March 2013 Budget Advisory Committee Issues Report on Budget Self-Study
University Business Council Webinar on IBB
May 2013 President's Advisory Council IBB Discussion
University Business Council Responds to Budget Self-Study
August 2013 Meeting with Deans and Senior Leaders to Discuss IBB
September 2013 Steering Committee Appointed
October 2013 Subcommittees Appointed
Anticipated Subcommittees:
  • UG Tuition Revenue and Aid
  • Graduate Tuition and Aid
  • Non-Degree and Online Tuition and Aid
  • Research and Indirect Cost Recovery
  • Facilities and Space Costs
  • Cost Pool Methodology
  • Other Fees
January 2014 Interim Report to the President
May 2014 Implementation Planning Begins
June 2014 Preliminary Final Report to the President
July - September 2014 Comment Period on Preliminary Final Report
July 1, 2014 (start of FY 15) Current Budget Model and IBB Run in Parallel
January 2015 Final Report Approved by President
July 1, 2015 (start of FY 16) Complete Transition to IBB
December 2017 Call for Input on IBB 2.0
Spring 2018 - Fall 2018 Development of IBB 2.0, Report to the President
Spring 2019 IBB 2.0 Implementation Planning
July 2019 (start of FY20) IBB 2.0 Live