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A fuel card is a tax-free payment card for gasoline and diesel purchases at gas stations. UVM's fuel card program is with US Bank's Voyager Fleet program, administered by the Disbursement Center Purchasing Card Team.

Program Overview

  • University-controlled vehicles are assigned a fuel card. Only one fuel card can be assigned to a vehicle.
  • A separate card can be obtained for groups of small non-licensed vehicles or tools that would normally not have a fuel card assigned.
  • Employees authorized to use the card will be assigned a PIN allowing them to use the card at a fuel station.
  • Fuel cards and PINs must be used for official University business only. The fuel card is not to be used for personal vehicles or for non-business purposes. Using the fuel card for any purpose other than official business will be considered theft of University of Vermont property.
  • Employees who are assigned a PIN are required to sign a Fuel Cardholder Agreement (PDF) acknowledging the requirements and proper use of the card and PIN.
    • Employees accept responsibility for the proper use of the card whenever a vehicle is assigned to them. This includes use of the card for authorized fuel purchases only and prohibits unauthorized fuel purchases.
    • Should an employee fail to use the card properly, the University or its designee may collect any amounts owed from the employee’s wages.
    • Improper use of a card may result in disciplinary action, up to and including termination of employment.
    • Unlawful use of the card will be reported to the proper legal authorities.

Disbursement Center Responsibilities

The Disbursement Center will use the US Bank Voyager Fleet software for the following:

  • Obtain and issue fuel cards and employee PINs for the purchase of fuel in the course of University business with the department’s authorization
  • Add or delete department coordinators
  • Provide training to department coordinators
  • Maintain the card hierarchy
  • Review the HR termination list to ensure that employees with a PIN are deleted

The Disbursement Center will pay the fuel bill in full on a monthly basis.
The Disbursement Center will distribute charges to departmental chartstrings on a monthly basis.

Department Responsibilities

A fuel card department coordinator must be assigned for each department. The department coordinator will be responsible for the following:

  • Keep documentation on each fuel card assigned to vehicles
  • Keep documentation on authorized drivers, including the cardholder agreement
  • Obtain login and training on US Bank Voyager Fleet software
  • Ensure a timely, monthly reconciliation of each card (comparing receipts with the reports) assigned to your department
  • Maintain all receipts and reconciliations for seven years (this can be electronic)
  • Request the new card and/or new driver PIN by emailing the PurCard Team
  • Notify the PurCard team of any cardholder name changes
  • Immediately cancel PINs for drivers who no longer have a need to fuel a vehicle (e.g., termination/resignation, transfer to another department, change in job responsibilities, etc.) by notifying the PurCard team
  • Immediately cancel cards that are lost/stolen or those that are assigned to vehicles that are no longer in service by notifying the PurCard team
  • Regularly monitor odometer readings to ensure that appropriate mileage is being entered at the time of sale. Review transactions online regularly to ensure odometer readings are correct, and to spot transactions that are unusual for the department. Investigate unusual transactions.
  • Report any potential misuse to the PurCard team immediately. The fuel card is not to be  used for personal vehicles or for non-business purposes; it will be considered theft of property.
  • Periodically review the fuel card operating procedures and responsibilities with departmental personnel to ensure all drivers are aware of the policies.

How to Obtain a Fuel Card/PIN

  • The department coordinator will ensure that each driver completes an agreement form.
  • To obtain a PIN, you must have your supervisor or department coordinator's authorization.
  • Complete and sign the fuel card agreement. Have your supervisor sign the agreement. Return the agreement to the department coordinator.
  • The department coordinator must email requesting a fuel card PIN for you. The PIN will be emailed to you

Fuel Cardholder Responsibilities

  • The fuel card is not to be used for personal vehicles or for non-business purposes. Using the fuel card for any purpose other than official business will be considered theft of University of Vermont property.
  • Employee must sign the Fuel Cardholder Agreement (PDF), which will be filed in the cardholder’s department.
  • Employee must immediately report any lost or stolen fuel card to their department coordinator and to the PurCard team.
  • Only use the fuel card assigned to the vehicle you are driving.
  • Do not share your PIN. PINs must be kept confidential.
  • Report any misuse of the fuel card to your supervisor, department coordinator, or to the PurCard team.

Using the Fuel Card

  1. Swipe card at the pump
  2. Enter vehicle's odometer (mileage) reading
  3. Enter personal PIN
  4. Pump away!
  5. Save your receipt
  6. Return receipt to department coordinator

Contact Information

US Bank Voyager
Phone: 1-800-987-6591
Fax: 1-800-987-6592

UVM Disbursement Center PurCard Team

  • Holly LeBlanc, 6-1300
  • Joanne Cheng, 6-1198
  • Becky Maglaris, 6-1214
  • Erica Terricciano, 6-1215