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December 2019

A Message from Vice President Cate

Changing Times

Organizations change in one way or another every single day. Sometimes the changes are so small that we barely notice them, and other times they are much more apparent. We call this evolution over time, which is necessary for any organization if it is to survive and thrive. UVM is a large, complex organization by Vermont standards and so change is part of our repertoire as well. For the past several years, I have written to you as the leader of the Division of Finance. Due to the move of our facilities-related units back within my scope of responsibility, I now write as the vice president leading the Division of Finance and Facilities (DFF). A change about which I am very pleased. The work of these teams is critically important and I enjoy working with them. I would note that, for simplicity sake, my title remains Vice President for Finance and Treasurer.

The return of over 500 people within my scope of responsibility is necessitating change within our new division as well. It is not enough to simply bring them together with our finance units. I want to create more synergies and enhance the ability of all of our teams to work together. The first step is the creation of a new, small department called the Finance and Facilities Administration Department. We have repurposed Emily Stebbins-Wheelock’s vacant position and will fill it with a manager who will lead this team. The team will comprise existing staff within the division and new staff who will be filling current vacancies. The total number of staff in the DFF will not increase. We have been searching for this manager and hope to appoint someone soon. The second step of the reorganization will be the appointment of an Executive Director for Facilities Management to whom the directors of the five facilities units (Capital Planning & Management, Custodial Service, Physical Plant, Office of Sustainability, and Transportation & Parking Services) will report. Because of my many other responsibilities, I am making this appointment to ensure that the facilities units get all of the attention and support that they deserve. Here too, existing resources will be repurposed to fund this position.

There is much work to be done as we turn our many departments into a cohesive division that will serve the campus community well. However, I look forward to the challenge and thank all the people involved for their good work.

My best wishes to everyone for a wonderful holiday season!

Richard, Vice President for Finance and Treasurer


Calendar Year-End and Winter Break Schedules

W4s & W2s

Please review your home address in PeopleSoft to ensure it is accurate. The new W4 form has been released for 2020. The self -service module to make W4 elections will be unavailable commencing the evening of 12/18/19 so that there is ample time to prepare our system for this update.

We strongly encourage employees to sign up to receive their W2s electronically. Each year hundreds of W2s are lost via USPS and not returned to UVM. To ensure the safety of your private information please consent to receive your W2 electronically. Thank you.

12/30/19 Semi-Monthly payroll

The 12/30/19 semi-monthly payroll will be run before we leave for Winter Break. For those who have yet to sign up for direct deposit, your checks will be available for pick up Monday, 12/23/19 but they should not be cashed until the issue date of 12/30/19. Direct deposits will be on schedule and will be made on 12/30/19.

The 20BW14 biweekly payroll

The 20BW14 biweekly payroll, with a pay day of 1/3/20, will be run early - before Winter Break. Kronos departments have received directions regarding how to proceed and a communication will be going out soon via the BW timesheet listserv with directions for student, work study and temporary hourly employee time submission and approval.

Gift Cards are ALWAYS taxable

Please email ASAP about any gift cards that have been given to employees this calendar year, including all that will be given during the month of December.

Finance Policy & Procedure Updates

Recently revised

Anticipated for final approval in December/January

  • Approval of and Signatory Authority for Revenue-generating Contracts UOP (new)

Finance-related Professional Development Opportunities

  • Upcoming classes (register through PeopleSoft HR)
    • Movable Equipment & Asset Control - 1/22
    • PeopleSoft Financial Reporting - Part 1 - 2/3
    • ERS Commitment Effort Software - 2/4
    • PeopleSoft Basics - 2/5, 4/15
    • Chart of Accounts - 2/13
    • Axiom Financial Reports - 2/20
    • Advanced Travel - 3/19
    • How Do I Make this Purchase - 3/24
    • PurCard: Reallocation Process - 4/1
    • PeopleSoft Financial Reporting - Part 2 - 4/2
    • Space & Movable Equipment Inventory - 4/6, 4/8, 4/14, 4/29
    • Axiom: Annual Budgeting & Salary Planning Refresher 4/16, 5/1
    • Researching Payables & Invoices - 5/4
    • Axiom: Single-Year Budgeting Open Lab 5/7, 5/12
  • UFS Roadshow (PDF) - by request

FY20 BFAN Meeting Schedule

All meetings are held in Memorial Lounge, Waterman 338. Meetings run from 1 - 1.5 hours depending on the agenda.

  • 10/9/19 at 1:00 p.m.
  • Canceled: 11/20/19 at 1:00 p.m.
  • 2/5/20 at 1:00 p.m.
  • 3/25/20 at 1:00 p.m.

DF Staffing News

Welcome! to:

  • Mary McCollough, Travel & Expense Specialist

Congratulations! to:

  • Emily Padberg on her promotion to Administrative Analyst/Planner Sr. in FAB

Farewell to:

  • Yajie Malinowsky, former ABSC BSG
  • Claire Robinson-White, former assistant to Vice President for Finance

DF Employment Opportunities as of 12/9/19