To do our part in keeping our campus safe and healthy, our full staff will be working remotely until further notice.

    We are committed to providing our partners with the same excellent service you’ve come to expect, and are available through email, phone or Microsoft Teams. Thank you!

    The Administrative Business Service Center supports the following administrative departments across campus.

    Each unit that the ABSC serves is assigned an ABSC team of one Business Analyst and one Business Support Generalist. Your ABSC team coordinates activities and acts as a conduit for information related to administrative services. The ABSC staff keep abreast of University policies, procedures, and practices and advise their units of these changes. Please see the listing to find your Analyst or Business Support Generalist (BSG).

    Office of the CIO

    DepartmentAnalystBusiness Support Generalist
    Database AdministrationJohn SislerMelissa Delisle
    Enterprise Application ServicesJohn SislerMelissa Delisle
    ETS AdministrationJohn SislerMelissa Delisle
    ETS Client ServicesJohn SislerMelissa Delisle
    Information Security OfficeJohn SislerMelissa Delisle
    Systems Architecture & AdministrationJohn SislerMelissa Delisle
    Telecomm & Network ServicesJohn SislerRebekah Prouty

    Graduate College

    DepartmentAnalystBusiness Support Generalist
    Office of the Dean of the Graduate CollegeRyan DattilioKelley Ficklin

    Office of the President

    DepartmentAnalystBusiness Support Generalist
    President's OfficeMary Ann RoyKelley Ficklin
    Audit ServicesJoshua HotalingJen Whitney
    Compliance ServicesJoshua HotalingJen Whitney
    UVM FoundationMary Ann RoyJen Whitney

    Vice President for Operations & Public Safety

    DepartmentAnalystBusiness Support Generalist
    VP Operations & Public SafetyChris KringsKelley Ficklin
    CATcard Service CenterChris KringsMelissa Delisle
    COVID CenterChris KringsKelley Ficklin
    Police ServicesChris KringsJen Whitney
    Radiation SafetyChris KringsJen Whitney
    Risk Management & SafetyChris KringsJen Whitney
    Risk & Public SafetyChris KringsMelissa Delisle
    Staff CouncilMary Ann RoyMelissa Delisle
    University Event Services - ConferencesChris Krings 
    University Event Services - Davis CenterChris Krings 


    DepartmentAnalystBusiness Support Generalist
    Department of CommunicationsMary Ann RoyRebekah Prouty
    University Creative Communication ServicesMary Ann RoyRebekah Prouty
    University News & Public AffairsMary Ann RoyRebekah Prouty

    Office of the Provost and Senior Vice President

    DepartmentAnalystBusiness Support Generalist
    Provost's OfficeMary Ann RoyKelley Ficklin
    Community-Engaged Learning Office (CELO)Mary Ann RoyMelissa Delisle
    Faculty SenateMary Ann RoyJen Whitney
    Fleming MuseumMary Ann RoyMelissa Delisle
    Global GatewayMary Ann RoyKelley Ficklin
    Office of Institutional ResearchMary Ann RoyMelissa Delisle
    Writing in the Disciplines (WID)Mary Ann RoyMelissa Delisle
    Center for Teaching & Learning (CTL)Mary Ann RoyJen Whitney

    Office of the VP for Enrollment Management

    DepartmentAnalystBusiness Support Generalist
    VP EM OfficeJohn SislerJen Whitney
    AdmissionsRyan DattilioJen Whitney
    Military StudiesJohn SislerMelissa Delisle
    Office of International EducationJohn SislerMelissa Delisle
    RegistrarJohn SislerMelissa Delisle
    Student Financial ServicesJohn SislerMelissa Delisle

    Office of the VP for Finance & Administration

    DepartmentAnalystBusiness Support Generalist
    VP Finance & Admin. OfficeJohn SislerKelley Ficklin
    Administrative Business Service CenterJohn SislerKelley Ficklin
    Financial Analysis & BudgetingJohn SislerKelley Ficklin
    Finance & Facilities AdministrationRebecca GouletKelley Ficklin
    Human Resource ServicesRyan DattilioRebekah Prouty
    Professional Development & TrainingRyan DattilioRebekah Prouty
    Univeristy Financial Services (UFS)
    UFS CentralJohn SislerRebekah Prouty
    Cost Accounting ServicesJohn SislerRebekah Prouty
    Disbursement CenterJohn SislerRebekah Prouty
    Financial Reporting & Accounting ServicesJohn SislerRebekah Prouty
    Payroll & Tax ServicesJohn SislerRebekah Prouty
    Print & Mail ServicesJohn SislerKelley Ficklin
    Purchasing ServicesJohn SislerRebekah Prouty
    Treasury ServicesJohn SislerRebekah Prouty
    UVM BookstoreJohn SislerJen Whitney
    Facilities Management (FM)
    FM CentralRebecca GouletRebekah Prouty
    Custodial ServicesChris KringsRebekah Prouty
    Physical PlantRebecca GouletRebekah Prouty
    Planning, Design & ConstructionRebecca GouletJen Whitney
    Office of SustainabilityRebecca GouletKelley Ficklin
    Transportation & Parking ServicesRebecca GouletRebekah Prouty

    Office of the VP for Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

    DepartmentAnalystBusiness Support Generalist
    VP DEI OfficeRyan DattilioJen Whitney
    Center for Cultural PluralismRyan DattilioJen Whitney
    PRISM CenterRyan DattilioJen Whitney
    Mosaic Center for Students of ColorRyan DattilioJen Whitney
    Women & Gender Equity CenterRyan DattilioJen Whitney
    Diversity, Engagement & Professional DevelopmentRyan DattilioJen Whitney
    Interfaith CenterRyan DattilioJen Whitney

    Office of the VP for Legal Affairs & General Counsel

    DepartmentAnalystBusiness Support Generalist
    VP for Legal Affairs & General CounselRebecca GouletKelley Ficklin

    Office of the VP for Research

    DepartmentAnalystBusiness Support Generalist
    VP Research Admin OfficeJoshua HotalingRebekah Prouty
    Gund Institute for EnvironmentMary Ann RoyKelley Ficklin
    Office of Animal Care ManagementJoshua HotalingRebekah Prouty
    Office of EngagementMary Ann RoyJen Whitney
    Research Administration, & InnovationsJoshua HotalingJen Whitney
    Research DevelopmentJoshua HotalingRebekah Prouty
    Research Protections OfficeJoshua HotalingJen Whitney
    Sponsored Project AdministrationJoshua HotalingJen Whitney
    UVM InnovationsJoshua HotalingRebekah Prouty
    VT Advanced Computing CenterJoshua HotalingRebekah Prouty

    University Relations

    DepartmentAnalystBusiness Support Generalist
    University RelationsRyan DattilioKelley Ficklin