Cell phone allowances are being paid over 2 payroll cycles not one payroll cycle as they have been in the past. Starting 7/1/19 the allowance remains $35 per month but will be divided equally and paid over two paychecks at $17.50 each.

Contact Payroll & Tax Services.

Cell Phone Reimbursement

Employees seeking approval for a cell phone reimbursement are required to complete the Cell Phone Reimbursement Authorization Form (Excel).

The following are required:

  • Complete all sections
  • Provide valid combo code (acct # must be 57895)
  • Attach copy of employee's cell phone invoice (pages 1-5 usually covers this requirement. It should include employee name, plan options, and cell phone number)
  • Obtain signature from employee, supervisor, and Dean or VP
  • Send completed form to Controller's Office (333 Waterman).

NOTE: Cell phone reimbursement will begin in the month the Controller's Office receives the employee's completed form. Any previous months' reimbursement will not be processed.

Information for those employees approved by their Dean or VP to continue their FY18 cell phone reimbursement will automatically be forwarded to Payroll Services for fiscal year 2019. Monthly payments of $35 will appear for these employees and they are NOT required to complete or submit any new forms at this time.

In September, for audit purposes, a selected number of employees will be asked to submit a current copy of their cell phone invoice to verify their allowance status.

University-owned Plans

University-owned cell phone plans are provided by exception only where a health, safety, or regulatory justification can be established. To apply for approval of this phone type, read the Mobile Communication Services & Equipment Guidelines (PDF), then complete the University-provided Cell Phone Authorization Form (Excel) and submit to Purchasing Services.