Forest Ecosystem Monitoring Cooperative

Weather Analysis: Temperature readings from September-December 2004

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  • Forest Ecosystem Monitoring Cooperative

    • Address:
      705 Spear Street
      South Burlington, Vermont 05403
      United States of America

      Phone: (802) 656-2975


    Analyze temperature and precipitation records from a variety of weather stations (both NWS sites and others) across the northern tier of Vermont to look at both trends in the local weather patterns (monthly, seasonal and yearly) and to determine the variability between sites, along with an assessment of the causes of these variations.


  • Tania Bacchus: Principal Investigator


  • temperature, weather, weather station,

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    Data Table

    • Title: Temperature readings from September-December 2004
    • Start Date: 2004-09-01
    • End Date: 2004-12-31
    • Description: Comparison of Monthly Temperatures- September through December 2004.

    • Purpose: Providing data that will allow for comparison of monthly temperatures, September-December, in 2004.

    • Condensed Title: Z0166_CRandDI2004_ForImport

    • Object Name: VMC.166.2161

    • Data Type: mySQL
    • Citation: Tania Bacchus. 2004. Temperature readings from September-December 2004. Johnson State College. FEMC. Can be found at:

    • Online Distribution:

    Attribute List

      Attribute Name: CR
      • Label: CR
      • Description: CR
      • Storage Type: decimal
      • Measurment Type: ratio
      Attribute Name: Date
      • Label: Date
      • Description: Date
      • Storage Type: date
      • Measurment Type: datetime
      • String Format: DD/MM/YYYY
      Attribute Name: DI
      • Label: DI
      • Description: DI
      • Storage Type: decimal
      • Measurment Type: ratio
      Attribute Name: Freezing_Point
      • Label: Freezing_Point
      • Description: Freezing_Point
      • Storage Type: int
      • Measurment Type: interval


    • Current Methods
      • Unnamed Method
        • Method Description: Use data from VT meteorological stations at Johnson State College, Morrisville, Mt Mansfield to identify and analyze weather trends

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    • No sampling equipment recorded for this dataset

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