Forest Ecosystem Monitoring Cooperative

New York Aerial Forest Health Surveys: New York Forest Distrurbance Aerial Detection Data, 2002 to 2015

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  • Forest Ecosystem Monitoring Cooperative

    • Address:
      705 Spear Street
      South Burlington, Vermont 05403
      United States of America

      Phone: (802) 391-4135


    Annual Aerial Surveys of New York state that record forest damage and damage agents. This data is used to monitor long term forest health and occurrences of specific damage agents.


  • Jerry Carlson: Principal Investigator

  • Scott McDonnell: Content Provider


  • aerial survey, forest disturbance, forest health, pests,

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    Data Table

    • Title: New York Forest Distrurbance Aerial Detection Data, 2002 to 2015
    • Start Date: 2002-06-01
    • End Date: 2015-12-31
    • Description: Annual aerial surveys for forest pests, disturbance and damage conducted by the state of New York.

    • Purpose: Finding and monitoring forest health issues.

    • Condensed Title:

    • Object Name: VMC.1021.2046

    • Data Type: mySQL
    • Citation: New York Division of Lands and Forests. 2016. New York Forest Disturbance Aerial Detection Data, 2002 to 2015. Forest Ecosystem Monitoring Cooperative. Available online at:

    • Online Distribution:

    Attribute List

      Attribute Name: RPT_YR
      • Label: Survey Year
      • Description: Year survey was recorded
      • Storage Type: int
      • Measurment Type: datetime
      • Standard Unit: -1
      • String Format: YYYY
      • Number Type: -1


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