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Holt Research Forest Timber Inventory: TimberInv1986

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  • Forest Ecosystem Monitoring Cooperative

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      705 Spear Street
      South Burlington, Vermont 05403
      United States of America

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    Holt Research Forest A complete timber inventory is conducted in every block during selected years, to collect new diameter and condition date for numbered trees, to number ingrowth trees, and to record and fallen trees. Inventories taken: 1984 1986 before the 1987 harvest 1988 1996 half of the blocks in 2007 (harvest, E, I)


  • Clarke Cooper: Content Provider

  • Jack Witham: Principal Investigator

  • Kelly French: Content Provider


  • University of Maine Holt Research Forest: lead

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    Data Table

    • Title: TimberInv1986
    • Start Date: 1986-01-01
    • Description: Partial 1986 (pre-harvest) inventory of E and I quadrats in HRF study area; 10k stems, located at subquad level, includes tree ID numbers.

    • Purpose:

    • Condensed Title: Z1274_2589_BKGDUX

    • Object Name: VMC.1274.2589

    • Data Type: mySQL
    • Citation: Holt Research Forest, University of Maine (2019) TimberInv1986. FEMC. Available online at:

    • Online Distribution:

    Attribute List

      Attribute Name: COND
      • Label: COND
      • Storage Type: int
      Attribute Name: DBH
      • Label: DBH
      • Storage Type: int
      Attribute Name: FIASP
      • Label: FIASP
      • Storage Type: int
      Attribute Name: QUAD
      • Label: QUAD
      • Storage Type: text
      • Measurment Type: nominal
      Attribute Name: SPEC
      • Label: SPEC
      • Storage Type: int
      Attribute Name: SUBQUAD
      • Label: SUBQUAD
      • Storage Type: int
      Attribute Name: TREENO
      • Label: TREENO
      • Storage Type: decimal
      Attribute Name: YEAR
      • Label: YEAR
      • Storage Type: int


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    Site Characteristics

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