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Global Evaluation of the Impacts of Storms on freshwater Habitat and Structure of phytoplankton Assemblages (GEISHA): Geneva Raw Phytoplankton Data

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    The Global Evaluation of the Impacts of Storms on freshwater Habitat and Structure of phytoplankton Assemblages (GEISHA) project is using long-term monitoring datasets and high-frequency data available through international networks to address questions about the impacts of storms on phytoplankton community in over 40 lakes across the globe. GEISHA has been developed within the context of the Global Lake Ecological Observatory Network (GLEON) initiative called “Storm-blitz”. “Storm-blitz” assembles an international group of investigators interested in contributing to theoretical discussions and sharing data to answer questions about the impacts of extreme events on phytoplankton communities. Although climate change is expected to cause more intense and frequent extreme weather events, we only have a basic understanding of how these events might alter freshwater phytoplankton communities. The storm-blitz group was created in 2016 and gathers 17 researchers with diverse skillsets and experiences to focus on data compilation and analysis (


  • Jason Stockwell: Principal Investigator

  • Orlane Anneville: Principal Investigator

  • Vijay Patil: Principal Investigator

  • Michael Vanni: Content Provider

  • Tanner Williamson: Content Provider

  • Emily Nodine: Content Provider

  • Jennifer Graham: Content Provider

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  • Gaël Dur: Content Provider

  • Sami Souissi: Content Provider

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  • geisha, lakes, phytoplankton, storms,


  • Centre for the Synthesis and Analysis of Biodiversity : funder
  • John Wesley Powell Center for Analysis and Synthesis : funder

Geographic Coverage

  • Coordinates

    Data Table

    • Title: Geneva Raw Phytoplankton Data
    • Start Date: 1974-01-14
    • End Date: 2015-12-17
    • Description: Raw species density, biovolume, and/or biomass of phytoplankton taxa for Lake Geneva at the SHL2 approximately every month, for 1974-2015. See QAQC Notes for details and also the PhytoMetaData file. Integrated samples were collected from 0-10 m from 1974-1999 and 0-18 m from 2000-2015.

    • Purpose: Please see GEISHA Project home page on FEMC website at or see the GEISHA website hosted by INRAE at

    • Condensed Title: Z1561_3302_SLTYKY

    • Object Name: VMC.1561.3302

    • Data Type: mySQL
    • Citation: Please contact Orlane Anneville at for access to data set.

    • Online Distribution:

    Attribute List

      Attribute Name: lake
      • Label: lake
      • Description: Lake Name
      • Storage Type: text
      • Measurment Type: nominal
      Attribute Name: stationid
      • Label: stationid
      • Description: Unique ID for location of sampling; could be more than one per lake
      • Storage Type: text
      • Measurment Type: nominal
      Attribute Name: device
      • Label: device
      • Description: Device used to collect phytoplankton samples
      • Storage Type: text
      • Measurment Type: nominal
      Attribute Name: mesh_um
      • Label: mesh_um
      • Description: mesh size in microns; use NaN if device is not net
      • Storage Type: int
      • Measurment Type: interval
      • Unit: micron
      • Number Type: integer
        • Bounds:
        • Minimum: 1
        • Maximum:
      Attribute Name: integrated_y_n
      • Label: integrated_y_n
      • Description: is the sample integrated over depth range? yes or no
      • Storage Type: text
      • Measurment Type: nominal
      Attribute Name: min_depth_m
      • Label: min_depth_m
      • Description: Minimum depth of integrated sample (in most cases this is 0); if sample is from a single depth put this depth here and also as max_depth_m
      • Storage Type: decimal
      • Measurment Type: ratio
      • Unit: meter
      • Number Type: real
      Attribute Name: max_depth_m
      • Label: max_depth_m
      • Description: Maximum depth of integrated sample; if sample is from a single depth put this depth here and also as min_depth_m
      • Storage Type: decimal
      • Measurment Type: ratio
      • Unit: meter
      • Number Type: real
      Attribute Name: date_dd_mm_yyyy
      • Label: date_dd_mm_yyyy
      • Description: date
      • Storage Type: date
      • Measurment Type: datetime
      • String Format: DD-MM-YYYY
      Attribute Name: phyto_name
      • Label: phyto_name
      • Description: Name of phytoplankton genus and species, or other taxonomic classification
      • Storage Type: text
      • Measurment Type: nominal
      Attribute Name: cell_colony_density_ind_l
      • Label: cell_colony_density_ind_l
      • Description: cells or colonies per liter; use of cell or colony density will depend on sampling program or taxa
      • Storage Type: decimal
      • Measurment Type: ratio
      • Unit: individuals per liter
      • Number Type: real
      Attribute Name: biovol_um3_ml
      • Label: biovol_um3_ml
      • Description: Phytoplankton biovolume in cubic micrometers per milliliter
      • Storage Type: decimal
      • Measurment Type: ratio
      • Unit: cubic micrometers per milliliter
      • Number Type: real
      Attribute Name: biomass_ug_l
      • Label: biomass_ug_l
      • Description: Phytoplankton biomass in micrograms per liter
      • Storage Type: decimal
      • Measurment Type: ratio
      • Unit: micrograms per liter
      • Number Type: real


    • No methods recorded for this dataset

    Sampling Equipment

    • No sampling equipment recorded for this dataset

    Site Characteristics

    • Site Description: Lake Geneva

    • Minimum Altitude: 372 meters