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Forest Bird Surveys: Forest Bird Monitoring Data (raw)

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  • Forest Ecosystem Monitoring Cooperative

    • Address:
      705 Spear Street
      South Burlington, Vermont 05403
      United States of America

      Phone: (802) 656-2975


    The primary goal is to conduct habitat-specific monitoring of forest interior breeding birds and to determine trends over time.


  • Christopher Rimmer: Content Provider

  • Kent McFarland: Content Provider

  • Steven Faccio: Principal Investigator

  • Charles Darmstadt: Content Provider


  • birds, monitoring, populations,


  • Vermont Center for Ecostudies VCE: lead

Geographic Coverage

  • Coordinates
    • -72.8403, 44.527427
    • -72.816115, 44.527427
    • -72.816115, 44.536363
    • -72.8403, 44.536363
    • -72.8403, 44.527427
  • Coordinate System

Data Table

  • Title: Forest Bird Monitoring Data (raw)
  • Start Date: 1991-06-07
  • End Date: 2006-07-06
  • Description: Breeding bird survey using point counts with birds seen or heard recorded; raw data

  • Purpose: The primary goal is to conduct habitat-specific monitoring of forest interior breeding birds.

  • Condensed Title: Z0011_RawData91_06

  • Object Name: VMC.11.189

  • Data Type: mySQL
  • Citation: Steven Faccio. 2006. Forest Bird Monitoring Data (raw). VT Department of Forests, Parks and Recreation. FEMC. Can be found at:

  • Online Distribution:

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  • Current Methods
    • Bird counts
      • Started: 1991-06-01
      • Method Description: Counts began shortly aftern dawn on days where weather conditions were unlikely to reduce count numbers (i.e., calm winds and very light or no rain).

    • Point count intervals
      • Started: 1991-06-01
      • Method Description: Observers recorded all birds seen and heard during a 10-min sampling period, which was divided into 3 time intervals: 3, 2 and 5 minutes. Observers noted in which time interval each bird was first encountered, and placed birds into one of 2 distance categories (within or beyond 50 m).

    • Elevation-dependent sampling
      • Started: 1999-05-01
      • Method Description: The number of surveys at each site was dependent on elevation; montane fir-spruce sites were sampled once, LBWA and Underhill were sampled twice during the breeding season.

Sampling Equipment

  • No sampling equipment recorded for this dataset

Site Characteristics

  • Site Description: An additional transect established in 1995 in Ranch Valley at 3300 ft.

  • Site Description: Two transects established in 1991 on Mount Mansfield: One in Browns River Headwaters in mature northern hardwoods and one at summit in spruce-fir ridgeline forest.

  • Site Description: Transects at Lye Brook established in 1999 in northeast area at 680 m elevation in northern hardwood forest.