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Federal Forest Inventory and Analysis Data for Vermont: Vermont Forest Cover

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  • Forest Ecosystem Monitoring Cooperative

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    A summary of the latest USDA Forest Inventory and Analysis data for the state of Vermont. The network of randomly distributed inventory plots are designed to capture broad temporal changes in the condition of the nation’s forest resource. Spatial coverages of species distribution, extent of forest cover and biomass compliment the yearly data summaries to capture an unbiased estimated of the state of Vermont's forests.


  • Randall Morin: Principal Investigator


  • change, forest cover, forest inventory and analysis, forestland,

Geographic Coverage

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    Data Table

    • Title: Vermont Forest Cover
    • Start Date: 1983-01-01
    • Description: The percent forest cover for Vermont, as estimated through the FIA program using the estimated forestland area (acres) divided by the estimated sampled area (acres), multiplied by 100%.

    • Purpose: Estimate change in forest cover in Vermont.

    • Condensed Title: Z0311_2480_M1PWNZ

    • Object Name: VMC.311.2480

    • Data Type: mySQL
    • Citation: US Forest Service. Ongoing. Forest Inventory and Analysis Database, St. Paul, MN: U.S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, Northern Research Station. [Available only on internet:]

    • Online Distribution:

    Attribute List

      Attribute Name: Forest_cover_%
      • Label: Forest_cover_%
      • Storage Type: decimal
      Attribute Name: Source
      • Label: Source
      • Storage Type: text
      • Measurment Type: nominal
      Attribute Name: Year
      • Label: Year
      • Storage Type: date
      • Measurment Type: datetime
      • String Format: YYYY


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