Forest Ecosystem Monitoring Cooperative

Amphibian Monitoring at the Lye Brook Wilderness and Mt. Mansfield: General Inventory of Amphibians

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  • Forest Ecosystem Monitoring Cooperative

    • Address:
      705 Spear Street
      South Burlington, Vermont 05403
      United States of America

      Phone: (802) 391-4135


    The Vermont Reptile and Amphibian Atlas Project collects and disseminates data needed to make informed recommendations regarding the state status, state rank, and conservation of Vermont’s reptiles and amphibians.


  • James Andrews: Principal Investigator

  • Stephen Trombulak: Content Provider

  • Kristianne G. Tolgyesi: Content Provider

  • Katherine Wright: Content Provider

  • Erin Talmage: Content Provider


  • abundance, amphibians, populations,


  • Vermont Monitoring Cooperative : funder
  • Vermont Reptile and Amphibian Atlas : lead
  • Middlebury College : partner

Geographic Coverage

  • Coordinates
    • -73.0372, 43.0303
    • -72.827737, 43.0303
    • -72.827737, 44.542052
    • -73.0372, 44.542052
    • -73.0372, 43.0303

Data Table

  • Title: General Inventory of Amphibians
  • Start Date: 1991-04-15
  • End Date: 1996-12-31
  • Description: Active surveys of selected sites to establish species presence/absence in habitats not represented by other survey methods.

  • Purpose: Collect data from general observations, accidental observations and night time visits to selected sites.

  • Condensed Title:

  • Object Name: VMC.349.436

  • Data Type: mySQL
  • Citation: James Andrews. 1996. General Inventory of Amphibians. Vermont Reptile and Amphibian Atlas. FEMC. Can be found at:

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  • Past Methods (no longer in use)
    • Site checks
      • Started: 1991-04-15
        Ended: 1996-12-31
      • Method Description: Site checks are more spatially dispersed, opportunistic visits to survey species not captured by other methods.

    • Active searches
      • Started: 1991-04-01
        Ended: 1996-12-31
      • Method Description: Active searches involves visiting a localized area and turning over rocks and logs to identify amphibians.The number of individuals of each species found in a given area per time were recorded to provide a rough measure of species relative abundance

    • Night visits
      • Started: 1991-04-01
        Ended: 1996-12-31
      • Method Description: Night time visits are made to selected sites to hear the calls. Time of year and weather conditions chosen to locate species not located using other methods

    • Opportunistic observations
      • Started: 1996-12-31
        Ended: 1996-12-31
      • Method Description: Accidental discoveries are recorded when a species is found that was not the target of another survey technique

Sampling Equipment

  • No sampling equipment recorded for this dataset

Site Characteristics

  • Site Description: Mount Mansfield, Vermont

  • Minimum Altitude: 1200 feet

  • Maximum Altitude: 3900 feet

  • Site Description: Lye Brook Wilderness Area

  • Minimum Altitude: 800 feet

  • Maximum Altitude: 2700 feet