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Hubbard Brook Ecosystem Study: Forest Inventory of a Calcium Amended Northern Hardwood Forest 1996-2011: Watershed 1, Hubbard Brook Experimental Forest

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  • Forest Ecosystem Monitoring Cooperative

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    Founded in 1963, the Hubbard Brook Ecosystem Study is one of the longest running and most comprehensive ecosystem studies in the world. The collaborative, multidisciplinary research efforts include long-term studies of air, water, soils, plants, and animals. The study site is the Hubbard Brook Experimental Forest, a 7,800-acre northern hardwood forest situated in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. The Hubbard Brook Ecosystem Study is a unique public-private partnership involving the USDA Forest Service, the National Science Foundation’s Long Term Ecological Research (LTER) program, the Hubbard Brook Research Foundation, and scientists from research institutions throughout the country.


  • aboveground biomass, calcium, continuous forest inventory , forest composition,


  • Hubbard Brook Ecosystem Study : lead
  • University Of California, Berkeley : partner
  • Cornell University : partner

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    • Title: Forest Inventory of a Calcium Amended Northern Hardwood Forest 1996-2011: Watershed 1, Hubbard Brook Experimental Forest
    • Start Date: 1963-01-01
    • Description: In order to evaluate the role of Ca supply in regulating the structure and function of base-poor forest and aquatic ecosystems, the Ca content of soil was increased through the application of wollastonite (CaSiO3) in October 1999. Forest inventory surveys were initiated in 1996 and repeated at 5 year intervals. 

    • Purpose: To better understand the role of Ca supply in the regulation of structure and function of base-poor forests and aquatic ecosystems.

    • Condensed Title:

    • Object Name: VMC.1388.2869

    • Data Type: mySQL
    • Citation: Battles, J., C. Driscoll, S. Bailey, J. Blum, D. Buso, T. Fahey, M. Fisk, P. Groffman, C. Johnson, and G. Likens. 2019. Forest Inventory of a Calcium Amended Northern Hardwood Forest: Watershed 1, 2011, Hubbard Brook Experimental Forest ver 3. Environmental Data Initiative.

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    Attribute List

      Attribute Name: Species
      • Label: Species code
      • Description: Species code (PLANTSCode) in the HB Forest Inventory dataset
      • Storage Type: text
      • Measurment Type: nominal
      • Species List: HubbardBrook 1965 forest inventory
        • Code: ACSA
          • Definition: ITIS #28731, sugar maple (Acer saccharum)
        • Code: FAGR
          • Definition: ITIS #19462, American beech (Fagus grandifolia)
        • Code: BEAL
          • Definition: ITIS #19481, yellow birch (Betula alleghaniensis)
        • Code: FRAM
          • Definition: ITIS #32931, white ash (Fraxinus americana)
        • Code: ACSP
          • Definition: ITIS #28758, mountain maple (Acer spicatum)
        • Code: ACPE
          • Definition: ITIS #28754, striped maple (Acer pensylvanicum)
        • Code: PRPE
          • Definition: ITIS #24799, pin cherry (Prunus pensylvanica)
        • Code: PRVI
          • Definition: ITIS #24806, chokecherry (Prunus virginiana)
        • Code: ABBA
          • Definition: ITIS #18032, balsam fir (Abies balsamea)
        • Code: PIRU
          • Definition: ITIS #18034, red spruce (Picea rubens)
        • Code: BEPA
          • Definition: ITIS #19489, paper birch (Betula papyrifera)
        • Code: SOAM
          • Definition: ITIS #25319, American mountain-ash (Sorbus americana)
        • Code: ACRU
          • Definition: ITIS #28728, red maple (Acer rubrum)
        • Code: TSCA
          • Definition: ITIS #183397, Canada hemlock; hemlock spruce (Tsuga canadensis)
        • Code: UNKN
          • Definition: ITIS #823, (Radiocystis )
        • Code: POTR
          • Definition: ITIS #195773, quaking aspen (Populus tremuloides)
        • Code: PRSE
          • Definition: ITIS #24764, black cherry (Prunus serotina)
        • Code: AMSP
          • Definition: ITIS #25108, serviceberry (Amelanchier sp.)
        • Code: POGR
          • Definition: ITIS #22463, bigtooth aspen (Populus grandidentata)
        • Code: SASP
          • Definition: ITIS #22476, willow spp (Salix sp.)
        • Code: COAL
          • Definition: ITIS #27813, alternate-leaf dogwood; alternateleaf dogwood (Cornus alternifolia)
        • Code: PRSP
          • Definition: ITIS #24762, cherry, plum (Prunus sp.)


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