Project Overview

In 2016 60 random plots were distributed between three parks within the city of Burlington, VT. Random points were placed between three different stratas within each park, interior, transition, and exterior. Students from UVM’s NR1 course took part in the data collection process of this project and substituted this project as one of their class’s labs. This project focuses on urban forestry as urban forests are an important indicator of change and are going to be fundamentally different from rural environments. The project also serves as an introduction to some of the tools and skills used in environmental research for the many first year students in NR1.


The objectives of this project is to provide a resource for the city of Burlington to monitor its urban forest are introduce students to the tools and skills of urban forestry.

Dataset Availability

There are no datasets associated with this project


Status - Completed

Start date: 2016-09-06

End date: 2016-09-26

Study Area

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