Posted By: Elissa Schuett

We are pleased to announce five grants totaling $100,000 in federal funds for the inaugural Ecosystem Monitoring Fund. The objective of this fund is to support forest ecosystem monitoring projects in the seven-state FEMC program area. The goal is to provide support for the collection, aggregation, analysis, and utilization of forest ecosystem monitoring information to better understand the current threats, historical trends, and future directions of the forested landscape in the Northeast. 
The proposals selected for funding meet these objectives and address key issues identified by FEMC stakeholders:



  • Updating and Improving the Vermont Parcelization Website; Jamey Fidel, Vermont Natural Resources Council
  • Expanding Monitoring Efforts to Include Plant Genetic, Bacterial, and Fungal Diversity; Greg Zogg and Steven Travis, University of New England
  • Vermont Center for Ecostudies (VCE) Montane Invertebrate Study; Jason Hill, Vermont Center for Ecostudies
  • Community science monitoring of mercury in NH and VT aquatic ecosystems using dragonfly larvae as biosentinels; Celia Chen, Dartmouth College
  • Monitoring Vegetation Response to Trampling in the Adirondack Alpine Zone; Kayla White, Adirondack Mountain Club

To read the abstracts and learn more about the projects, visit the Ecosystem Monitoring Fund page on our website at: https://www.uvm.edu/femc/emf/rfp/2021#selected_proposals