Use the Coach

Getting Started

We encourage you to set up a user account before using the virtual coach, as it will allow you to keep an archive of your sessions and use our individual farm learning plan tools.  There is no cost to register. You may also use the coach anonymously but you will not be able to save your sessions.

About the Coach

Our Online Coach will guide you through some questions and, depending on your answers, will provide you with some suggestions on next steps and people/organizations to contact.  Please know that if this virtual coach is not a good fit for you there are people that you can contact that will be happy to help you either on the phone or face to face. The choice is always yours.

The self assessment questions are organized around the following areas:

  • Commercial Farm Experience
  • Prior Business Experience
  • Basic Preparedness.
  • Goals
  • Land
  • Capital (Money and Credit)
  • Production
  • Markets

Setting up a user account will also give you the opportunity to receive support in the creation of a Farm Learning Plan.

The Farm Learning Plan is a place for you to map out the action steps you will take over the next 3-6 months to build the skills, knowledge and/or resources for a successful farm business. The Learning Plan is designed to help you focus on 1-3 objectives and the specific actions that will help you accomplish them. You'll be asked to set deadlines for yourself and consider what resources -- time, money etc. -- you will need to accomplish those action steps. As you complete your steps, you will be able to return to the coach to either update your plan or start a new one. You can work independently or with a New Farmer Project advisor. You'll be able to use the "comments" section on your plan to ask for feedback and discuss your ideas and questions with an advisor.