Thursday, May 16, 2019

3:00 - 4:30 p.m., Waterman Memorial Lounge

Agenda (pdf)

1. Minutes of the April 22, 2019 Meeting (vote) [2min]

2. Resolution in Memoriam for Robert Arns, presented by Matthew White (CAS)(vote) [5min]

3. Presentation of Candidates for Degrees (vote) [8min]

4. UVM President's Remarks, Tom Sullivan [5min]

5. UVM Provost's Remarks, Patty Prelock [5min]

6. Faculty Senate President's Remarks, Cathy Paris [5min]

7. Curricular Affairs Committee Consent Agenda, Laura Almstead (vote)[5min]

8. FPPC Resolution on Retirement Savings Plan Record Keeper Selection, Don Ross (vote)[15min]

9. Resolution on Equitable Funding for Residential Learning Communities, Thomas Borchert (vote)[10min]

10. Faculty Roundtable Report and Discussion [15min]

11. UVM Board Chair's Remarks, David Daigle [15min]

12. New Business [5min]

13. Adjourn