Faculty Senate Executive Council

Monday, May 7, 2018

4:00 - 5:30 p.m. Waterman 427A

Agenda (pdf)

1. Approval of April 9, 2018 Minutes (Cathy Paris) 1 min

2. Chair's Remarks (Cathy Paris) 10 min

3. Curricular Affairs Committee Report (Laura Almstead) 5 min

  • Consent Agenda (vote)

4. Agenda for the P&P Meeting of May 9, 2018: are we still on board with the topic of initiatives around diversity and inclusion, especially looking ahead to the next academic year? (Cathy Paris) 10 min

5. Draft agenda for the Faculty Senate Meeting of May 17, 2018 (Cathy Paris) 10 min

  •  Minutes of the April 23 Faculty Senate Meeting
  • Resolution in Memoriam, Barbara Rouleau (Carol Buck-Roland)
  •  Presentation of Candidates for Degrees
  • Faculty Senate President’s Remarks, Cathy Paris
  •  UVM President’s Remarks, Tom Sullivan
  •  UVM Provost’s Remarks, David Rosowsky 
  • CAC Business, Laura Almstead
  • ad hoc committee report
  • Advising initiatives, Sarah Warrington
  •  Conversation with Board of Trustees Chair David Daigle
  •  New Business

6. Priorities for AY 2018-19 25 min

  • Ongoing discussion: a more engaged Faculty Senate
  • Idea: orientation for new senators before the start of the academic year
  • How to increase teh influence of the Senate in the shared governance of the University

7. New Business 5 min

8. Adjourn