Faculty Senate Executive Council Meeting

May 8, 2017

4:00 - 5:30 p.m., Waterman 427A

Agenda (pdf)

  1. Approval of April 10, 2017 Minutes (pdf)
  2. Degree Correction (pdf)
  3. Chair's Remarks
  4. Curricular Affairs Report, Laura Almstead
  1. Process, Prioritizing Senate Projects (per President and Provost meeting of 4/19)
  2. Graduate Student participation on Faculty Senate committees
  3. How to make Senate meetings more effective and more engaging for Faculty Senators
  4. Agenda for P & P Meeting Tuesday, May 9, 2:30 - 3:30 p.m.
  5. May 18 Senate meeting agenda
  • Minutes of the April 24 meeting
  • Faculty Senate President's Remarks, Cathy Paris
  • UVM President's Remarks, President Tom Sullivan
  • UVM Provost's Remarks, Provost & Senior Vice-President David Rosowsky
  • CAC Business, Laura Almstead, Chair
  • Undergraduate Retention and Reenrollment, Sarah Warrington, VP of Enrollment Management
  • Update on Program Assessment, J. Dickinson, Faculty Fellow for Assessment, and Brian Reed, Associate Provost for Teaching and Learning
  • Library Advisory Committee Report, Jennifer Sisk, Chair
  • Intellectual Property Policy Revisions, Chris Burns, RSCA Chair
  • Senate Committee Reports: FPPC, Andrew Barnaby, Chair
  • UVM Board of Trustees Chair's Remarks, David Daigle
  • New Business
  • Adjourn
  1. New Business
  2. Adjourn