We leverage many technologies and applications to manage the data, information, workflows and visualizations necessary for planning, mapping, building, powering, maintaining and operating a 21st century university campus.

In addition to centralized IT support services and applications we receive from UVM Enterprise Technology Services, there are several facilities-specific applications which are developed by and maintained within Facilities Management units themselves. 

This "information management" work is accomplished by staff members located in different FM departments and units. As we evolve as an organization, we are continuously finding new ways to collaborate by sharing data, staff expertise, and technology solutions with one another.

Staff Contacts

Questions about:Primary Contact Person Department
  • Existing/Legacy FAMIS system
  • New Planon enterprise system  
  • Mobile devices for Physical Plant field staff
Steve Peary, Assistant Director of Technology & Administration, Email speary@uvm.eduPhysical Plant 
  • Asset and equipment documentation, and cataloging related to legacy FAMIS system and data migrations into Planon.
Adam Holmes, Asset Coordinator, Email Adam.Holmes@uvm.eduPhysical Plant
Michael Richards, Space Planning/Mapping Specialist, Email Michael.A.Richards@uvm.eduPlanning, Design, & Construction
  • Space Requests  (aquisition and/or release of space)
  • Space Inventory & Space usage data
  • Land inventory/data reporting
Joanna Birbeck, Campus Space Manager, Email Joanna.Birbeck@uvm.eduPlanning, Design, & Construction
  • AIMS Parking Management software
  • Parking lot data
  • Fleet and transportation-related data
Taylor Page, Transportation & Parking Administration, Email Taylor.Page@uvm.eduTransportation & Parking Services
  • Utility consumption data
Mary Cannizzaro-Barton, Financial Operations Specialist, Email Mary.Cannizzaro-Barton@uvm.eduFinance & Facilities Administration
  • Master Utility System maps (also accessed through password protected PPD Sharepoint site)
Michael Pelletier, University Engineer, Email Michael.Pelletier@uvm.eduFacilities Management
  • Building Automation Controls systems (Honeywell and JCI platforms)
Chuck Norton, Building Controls Manager, Email Charles.Norton@uvm.eduPhysical Plant
  • Morse "Keywatcher" Key Boxes
UVM Lock Shop, Email lockshop@uvm.eduPhysical Plant
  • Departmental websites and Listserves
  • Active Directory, Physical Plant file archives/access
  • FM-wide communications

Erica Spiegel, Assistant to the Executive Director, Email Erica.Spiegel@uvm.edu

Facilities Management

  • Sustainability-related data
  • GHG emissions data
  • AASHE STARS (Sustainability Tracking and Reporting)
Gioia Thompson, Outreach Manager, Email Gioia.Thompson@uvm.eduOffice of Sustainability


Planon IWMS Is Coming Soon 

In 2023, we're rolling out a new Integrated Work Management System (IWMS) using Planon software to bring several disparate facilites-related applications and work flows together in new and more strategic ways.

IWMS Project Blog →