Vermont Forestry Outreach and Education Initiative

Growing the Future of Forestry Education in Vermont

This collaborative project engages landowners, municipalities, professionals and educators who want to learn about, network and care for Vermont’s forests. To accomplish this, we're working on developing exciting new online resources:

About Us

The Vermont Forestry Outreach Education Initiative is a collaborative project of UVM Extension, the Vermont Department of Forests, Parks and Recreation and other partners, with funding from the USDA Forest Service.

During the next three years, the Initiative's goals are:

  • Develop a “go-to place” (clearinghouse) for information on Vermont’s forests, organizations engaged in woodland education, and outreach- and forestry-related resources.
  • Offer easy-to-use access to resources and information, communication tools and a user-friendly online education platform.
  • Attract and engage new audiences, from backyard forest landowners to municipal officials.
  • Lay the foundation for increased coordination among forestry outreach/education organizations and agencies.
  • Provide a platform for new online educational programs including a Backyard Forestry Program for private landowners, Natural Resources for Municipalities (NR) 1&2 online course, and a webinar series for professionals. 
  • Adapt our future activities under the guidance of the project steering committee.

Project Steering Committee

Ginger Anderson, Department of Forests, Parks & Recreation (Stewardship)
Danielle Fitzko, Department Forests, Parks and Recreation (Urban & Community Forestry Program)
Taylar Foster, Lamoille County Planning Commission (Forest Stewardship Project)
Rebecca Phelps, Department Forests, Parks & Recreation (Conservation Education)
Lisa Sausville, Vermont Coverts
Elise Tillinghast, Center for Northern Woodlands Education
Kathleen Wanner, Vermont Woodlands Association
Emma Zavez, Vermont Natural Resource Council

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Contact Us

For more information, contact:
Kate Forrer
Urban and Community Forestry Outreach Specialist

Phone (802) 223-2389 ext.210
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  • Increase your organizational exposure and help you reach new audiences.
  • Provide an easily accessible website to direct landowner inquiries.
  • Connect you to other organizations working to keep Vermont’s forests forested.
  • Keep you in the loop on new research, resources and opportunities.

Get Involved

  • Help guide us as we build the online clearinghouse
    • Complete a short survey about forestry education and outreach in Vermont.
  • Give us feedback along the way!
    • Contact us to be added to the list of reviewers and get a sneak peak at the website before it’s launched.
  • Contribute content to the online clearinghouse.
    • We're interested in hearing about upcoming events, trainings and new resources.
  • Help us get the word out and promote the website.
  • Join a curriculum development team.
    • Over the next 6 months we will be forming teams to develop curricular for the backyard forestry program and the professional webinar series.
  • Support project partners through greater coordination and collaboration between organizations and programs.