Outreach Specialist

Kelsie joined the Center for Sustainable Agriculture team as part of the Dairy Business Innovation Center project.  She holds a BA in Biology from Williams College and has years of experience working with small-scale, grass-based dairies and farmstead creameries. Her experience includes working on and managing farms in the Adirondacks, New Zealand, and Vermont, and owning a cultured butter business. She is excited to work with the small-scale cow, goat, and sheep dairies of Vermont.

image description: a young woman smiling and leaning with an arm towards a brown horned cow

Areas of Expertise and/or Research

  • Small herd cow, goat, and sheep dairies and farmstead creameries
  • Grass-based dairy
  • Grazing plans
  • Rotational grazing design: fencing, water systems, and barnyard improvements
  • Support with herd health, milk quality, and raw milk sales


  • BA, Biology, Williams College


  • 518-810-6431
Office Location:

Berlin Extension Office, Berlin, VT

Office Hours:

By appointment.