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The Center's Pasture Program is helping develop a multi-state partnership through which grazing organizations throughout the region can develop the knowledge, skills, measurements and communications with communities needed to help farmers maximize their potential for regenerative livestock grazing.

Food Solutions New England has calculated the need for 2 million acres of pasture land by 2060 to achieve its vision for local food production, which dovetails with the principles of regenerative agriculture and efforts to adapt to, and mitigate, climate change. This would require the quadrupling of current pasture acres. In order to achieve an increase in well-managed pasture across the Northeast, our whole team of partners needs to come together around shared goals and measurement.

Over the next three years, the project team seeks to:

  1. Establish and develop region-wide coordination and communication methods with shared targets and measurement systems.
  2. Build capacity across the region through in-depth technical assistance, technical training events and farmer discussion groups.
  3. Reach out to consumers and environmental groups to increase support for and purchase of regeneratively-grazed food and fiber products.


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Woodcut of a farm with people gathering produce and cows grazing