These hands are holding bits of raw wool, over the machine that turns the wool (a farm waste product) into pellets for use as soil conditioner


    "Ghost bumps" are the result of animal urine and manure adding to soil fertility and resulting in patches of forage that grazing animals sometimes avoid.


    Just through well-managed grazing, this cow is helping control invasive plant species on her Connecticut River Valley farm


    This llama is watching over the grazing sheep flock on a multi-species Champlain Valley farm


    Francois, a New American Farmer, talks with Ben Waterman, New American Farmer Program Coordinator in Burlington's Intervale


    Center researchers are seeing how well-managed grazing can boost soil health and improve the quality of nearby waterways while supporting farm productivity

At the Center for Sustainable Agriculture, we share a love of the land and farming that includes a commitment to the belief that it is possible to produce food and fiber in ways that are profitable for farmers, good for communities, and in balance with our precious natural resources.

In 2019, as in past years, we have approached this work by seeking to build trusting relationships, sharing knowledge, asking questions, and addressing access to resources in an equitable way.

All of this is only possible because of the relationships of which we’re a part.  And because we share a commitment to deep consideration of what it means to farm the land in Vermont at this time.

We have assembled this report for you, our extended community, with two main ideas in mind:

  1. To share what we are doing and what we are learning across our program areas.
  2. To let you know what financial support for the Center means, and a little bit about what that investment yields.

Please give the report below a look, and - as always - let us know what you think.

Interested in knowing more about the Center's work or do you have a question we haven't answered here?  Contact us via email cheryl.herrick@uvm.edu or  802-656-5459 and we'll do our best to help.

black and white image of village, grazing animals, stream


Linda Berlin, Director, 802-656-0669 or linda.berlin@uvm.edu

Juan Alvez, Pasture Technical Coordinator, 802-656-6116 or juan.alvez@uvm.edu

Jennifer Brown, Budget Manager, 802-656-3437 or jennifer.brown@uvm.edu

Jenn Colby, Pasture Program Coordinator, 802-535-7606 or jcolby@uvm.edu

Joshua Faulkner, Farming & Climate Change Coordinator, 802-656-3495 or joshua.faulkner@uvm.edu

Mary Ellen Franklin, Dairy Grazing Apprenticeship Education Coordinator, maryellen.franklin@uvm.edu

Kimberly Hagen, Grazing Specialist, 802-656-3834 or kimberly.hagen@uvm.edu

Cheryl Herrick, Program Outreach Support, 802-656-0669 or cheryl.herrick@uvm.edu

Suzy Hodgson, Sustainable Agriculture Outreach Specialist, 802-656-4557 or suzy.hodgson@uvm.edu

Liz Kenton, Youth Ag. IDA Program Coordinator, 802-257-7967 or liz.kenton@uvm.edu

Colene Reed, Pasture Program Assistant, colene.reed@uvm.edu

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