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Learn more about the Center's work with livestock, multifunctional farming and climate-smart practices in 2021.

At the Center for Sustainable Agriculture, we share a love of the land and farming that includes a commitment to the belief that it is possible to produce food and fiber in ways that are profitable for farmers, good for communities, and in balance with our precious natural resources.  In 2021 the challenges and changes we are collectively facing have shown us just how much this love and commitment can matter.

In this report, we are offering a look at our 2021 program year. We were among the many who continued to adjust and pivot to the disruptions of the times we are living through. And still we want to
share just a bit about some of the practices we are researching, the knowledge we’ve gained, and a few of the ways we engage in this work. We hope you’ll let us know any time you’d like to know more about the work or ways to get involved.

This is my last Annual Report as the Center’s Director as I am preparing to retire from UVM as a full-time faculty member in June 2022. Whether you are reading this as a partner, a donor, a participating farmer or community member, I want to thank you for caring about our work.. Having been part of this robust and brilliant community that makes up Vermont’s farm and food sector
has been such a joy and an honor. I look forward to staying in touch and helping with projects and research.  In the meantime, on behalf of the Center team, I invite you to stay in touch. Let us know what you need and how we can help. There are new and experienced staff and faculty here, and they’re devoted to farming that helps farmers, communities and the natural world of which we’re a part, to thrive.

Download the 2021 Annual Report Here

Interested in knowing more about the Center's work or seeking additional information?  Contact us via the very short form on this page and one of our Extension colleagues will help get you the resources you need.