Postdoctoral Associate

Alissa White is an agroecologist and transdisciplinary soil scientist engaged in participatory research on soil health, ecosystem services and sustainable livelihoods.  Alissa’s research integrates social and ecological data on ecosystem services and climate resilience to explore complex problems, and what drives change when agriculture is faced with ecological crises.  Her research places farmers as central agents in creating solutions to pressing challenges facing agriculture, highlights the role of networks in supporting farmers' adaptive capacity, and identifies tradeoffs in ecosystem services from alternative soil management strategies.

As a Postdoctoral Associate with the Gund Institute for Environment and UVM Extension, Alissa is building research collaborations around regenerative agriculture, soil health and ecosystem services in the northeastern US. She holds a PhD in Plant and Soil Science from UVM, and earned her BA in Environmental Studies from UC Santa Cruz.


  • 802-524-6501