Dropped Covered Produce

Last updated October 8, 2018
Type: TAN Question/Answer
Topic: General (PSR), Produce Safety Rule (PSR)
Case Number: 161821

I have a question regarding §112.114 "What requirements apply to dropped covered produce?"
The rule states: "You must not distribute dropped covered produce. Dropped covered produce is covered produce that drops to the ground before harvest. Dropped covered produce does not include root crops that grow underground (such as carrots), crops that grow on the ground (such as cantaloupe), or produce that is intentionally dropped to the ground as part of harvesting (such as almonds).

What does the term distribute mean? Are farms allowed to sell dropped covered produce if the dropped covered produce is picked up by a customer at a pick-your-own operation?

For example: A customer is picking up apples off the ground at a pick-your-own orchard to purchase from the orchard. Is the orchard allowed to sell the customer these dropped apples that the customer picked up themselves? 

Thank you for your inquiry about the Produce Safety Rule (See 80 FR 74353 (Nov. 27, 2015)), the full title of which is “Standards for the Growing, Harvesting, Packing, and Holding of Produce for Human Consumption.”

Under §112.114 farms are prohibited from distributing dropped covered produce. As such you may not sell dropped covered produce to customers at a pick-your-own operation. To avoid having customers picking up dropped covered produce, you could inform your customers about this Produce Safety rule requirement, such as through signage displayed in a conspicuous area on the farm or other notification.

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