University of Vermont Extension Master Gardeners (EMG's) are active volunteers in Vermont. There are over 45 on-going projects in the northern part of the state and over 35 on-going in the southern half of the state. Master Gardeners volunteer at educational exhibits, local events and libraries, they conduct community workshops, write columns for local papers, work in garden demonstration projects, and serve on local chapters' steering committees - just to name a few!

Click on the map above and move the cursor to find the UVM Extension Master Gardener project closest to you.

Northern Projects Video

Our Northern Partners

  • VT Community Garden Network
  • Green Mt. Keurig
  • North Branch Nature Center
  • Marvin Newton House
  • Justin Morrill Homestead
  • Kellogg-Hubbard Library
  • Cutler Memorial Library
  • Waterbury Rotary & Big Brother,
  • Montpelier Farmers Market
  • Barre Town Schools
  • Barton Public Library
  • Old Stone House Museum
  • Lyndon Institute Garden/Greenhouse
  • Friends of the Hort Farm
  • Down to Earth Community Garden
  • Growing Together Community Garden
  • Bridport Town
  • North Hero Community Center
  • Burlington City Hall/City of Burlington Parks & Rec
  • Burlington Farmers Market
  • Russell Memorial Library
  • Milton Library
  • Essex Free Library
  • Russell Memorial Library
  • Deborah Rawson Library
  • Friends of Talyor Park/City of St. Albans
  • Addison County Field Days
  • Green Works VT
  • Bloomtime Festival
  • UVM Extension Community Forestry
  • St. Albans City School
  • S. Burlington School District
  • Addison County parent-child center
  • Porter nursing home
  • Northwestern Medical Center
  • Vermont Respite House
  • VNA/Grandway Home
  • Town of Williston
  • Fanny Allen Memory Center

Southern Projects Video

Our Southern Partners

  • Bennington Museum
  • Trustees of Old Bennington
  • Vermont State Fairgrounds
  • Mount Holly School
  • Rutland parks and Rec
  • Middletown Springs Elementary School
  • West River Farmers Market
  • West Townshed Farmers Market
  • Herricks Cove Festival, Town of Dummerston
  • River Valley Technical Center-Natural Resources High School
  • Parks Place
  • Southern VT Wildlife Festival
  • Brattleboro Farmers Market
  • Brattleboro Area Hospice
  • Bellows Falls Farmers Market, First Congregational Church Windsor
  • Hartland Library, Randolph Herald
  • Springfield Recycling Center
  • Horticulture Center at Harford Vocational Center
  • Cedar Circle Farm-Willing Hands
  • Town of Hartford, Sabbath House/Neighborhood Connections
  • Rochester School
  • Ludlow Community Garden/Good River Neighbor Services Food Pantry
  • Fairless Garden Club

Extension Master Gardeners in garden