Although it may seem counter-intuitive to have a gardener or composter class online, the mission of UVM Extension is to make University resources available to individuals across the State of Vermont. The online platform provides us with a cost-effective way to reach people in many different locations - rural and urban - who would not otherwise have access to one physical location.

The online non-credit courses are a way for individuals to learn the theories and principals of soil science and horticulture. In other words, these will not be a hands-on class, but rather a course that provides the background information you need to know in order to feel confident in your practical and theoretical knowledge.

We suggest these courses be taken as a first step toward learning more about sustainable gardening or composting practices, including reducing your use of pesticides and other harmful garden products and enhancing your landscape to be both a human and wildlife-friendly environment.

You might be surprised that you like the convenience of an online course, as it allows you the flexibility to schedule your time around work, vacations and other family activities.

Online Comfort

All of the content in our courses is provided online. You will need basic computer skills, such as knowing how to download files and search the internet to access the materials successfully. If you have reliable, high-speed internet access and can hear sound through your computer, and have a webcam, you should be able to participate regardless of the type of computer or operating system you use. The internet speed required for webinars is 1.5 mpgs download. Talk to your internet provider if you are not sure what internet speed your systems' capabilities are. You will also need the 2010 or newer version of Microsoft Software.

We do not recommend taking this course if you do not have access to an up-to-date computer, if you are not comfortable using a computer, navigating the internet, using email, or using an online video conferencing application. You will be required to manage all of these components on your own in order to participate in this course.

Tech Support Policy

Unfortunately, we have a very small staff and we do not provide technical support. We take pride in providing a high quality, interactive and engaging online course, but we do not have the time or expertise in computer technology to help with individual level computer issues.