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We all enjoy fresh garden-grown fruits and vegetables. By using proper techniques, yards and gardens can be both beautiful and productive, and it is possible to produce top-quality crops while maintaining soil fertility and protecting our natural waters. A variety of programs and resources are made available to both commercial and personal horticulturalists on our website and support from the Master Gardener program is just a click away.


Commercial Horticulture

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The business of growing things is a central pillar to the identity of Vermont. Here at Extension we are proud to help commercial growers keep Vermont's horticulture industry growing through a number of programs and resources. Learn More >>>

Home Horticulture

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Home horticulturalists enjoy getting their hands in the dirt for a variety of reasons. Whether you are trying to spruce up your landscaping with your favorite flowers or looking to fill your table with vegetables out of your own garden, let Extension help you succeed >>>