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Our newsletters are published quarterly or tri-annually. They feature a Focus on Agriculture by Joshua Faulkner and we highlight our soil and water conservation work, innovative practices in cover cropping and no-till, nutrient management information, grazing highlights, and research updates. These articles are focused on the Champlain Valley, but the collaborations and lessons extend beyond the reach of our program.

In addition to our newsletters we also send out emails on an aproximately monthly basis highlighting important dates and information for producers in our area.

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Quarterly Newsletters by Date


Spring 2023 (PDF)

In This Issue:

  • Focus on Agriculture - Joshua Faulkner
  • Create a Clear Picture of Your Business - Cheryl Cesario 
  • New Hires and Projects from Extension - Abby Augarten & Anna Elewski


Fall 2021 (PDF)

In This Issue:

  • Crops Exhibit Named for Jeff Carter
  • Vermont's Climate in a Time of Change
  • Climate Resiliency in Grazing Systems
  • Fall Crop Insurance Enrollment Deadlines
  • Why I Plant Food Plots for Deer

Summer 2021 (PDF)

In This Issue:

  • Opportunity for Farmers to Develop Grazing Plans
  • Managing Nitrogen in Hay and Pasture Crops
  • How Much Carbon Should You Add to Your Soil?
  • Soil Health Testing Coming to a Field Near You
  • On the Wild Side
  • Addison County Fair & Field Days Crop Entry Info

Spring 2021 (PDF)

In This Issue:

  • Keeping the Nitrogen in Manure
  • Adaptability in Grazing Leads to Economic Returns
  • Planting Food Plots for Wildlife
  • Planting Forest Buffers for Water Quality in the Lake Champlain Basin


Fall/Winter 2020 (PDF)

In This Issue:

  • Winter Planning for 2021 Farm Risk Management
  • Nitrogen: An Overlooked Macronutrient
  • Transition to Grazing: Farmers Thinking Outside the Box
  • Giving Credit Where Credit is Due: Farmer's Practices Make Gains Toward Meeting TMDL

Summer 2020 (PDF)

In This Issue:

  • Relief Programs Available for Dairy Farms
  • Cover Crops and No-Till are Net Benefit for Foster Brothers Farm
  • Improved Cattle Lanes Benefit Land and Animals
  • Quality Deer Management Association (QDMA) Deer Stewardship Certification Program

Spring 2020 (PDF)

In This Issue:

  • Grazing Funding Opportunities
  • Grassland Manure Injection: By the Numbers
  • End of Gypsum Project Leaves Us With Important Lessons and Questions
  • USDA-Authorized Flexibilities Help Producers During the Coronavirus Pandemic
  • Notes on the Wild Side

Winter 2020 (PDF)

In This Issue:

  • Vermont Partner Database
  • Now Is the Time to Review and Revise Business Plans
  • Spotlight on McKenzie Brook Watershed: Elysian Fields
  • Modeling Water Quality: Watershed Research Sheds Light on Baseline Conditions


Fall 2019 (PDF)

In This Issue:

  • PRF Crop Insurance
  • Time for Grant Planning?
  • Organic Matter: What's the Big Deal?
  • Grazing Planning Course Wraps Up Two-Year Grant
  • New Long-Term Watershed Research (CEAP)

Summer 2019 (PDF)

In This Issue:

  • USDA 2017 Census of Agriculture Results
  • Focusing on Effectiveness with Grass-Fed Beef
  • Vermont Farmers are Conservation Leader
  • Nutrient Mass Balance: Operating in the Green Zone?
  • Research Update: Gypsum Trials

Spring 2019 (PDF)

In This Issue:

  • Dairy Revenue Protection Insurance
  • Flexibility in Grazing Management Pays Dividend
  • Research Updates: Tile Drainage Year One Summary
  • Manure Calibration is Worth the Effort
  • Tips and Assistance For Investing in a No-Till Drill

Winter 2019 (PDF)

In This Issue:

  • New Revenue Protection for Dairy Producers
  • East Creek and McKenzie Brook Highlight
  • Reducing Farm Labor and Conserving Resources
  • Grassland Manure Injection
  • Year-In-Review, Summary of Projects


Fall 2018 (PDF)

In This Issue:

  • Spotlight on Grazing
  • Pasture, Rangeland and Forage Insurance Information
  • Taking Cover Crops Up a Notch
  • By the Numbers: Grazing and No-Till Grain Drill
  • Gathering Progress in Local Sub-Watershed
  • First Year Tile Sampling Result

Summer 2018 (PDF)

In This Issue:

  • NCIS Crop Insurance
  • Knowing Your Nutrient Mass Balance
  • Grazing at Islandacres Farm
  • Water Quality Financial Analysis
  • Putting a Public Face on the Pursuits of Farming
  • Soil Depth and Nutrient Accumulation

Spring 2018 (PDF)

In This Issue:

  • Managing Agricultural Risk
  • SMART Goals and Grants
  • The Things You Discover on Your Way to Discover
  • Nutrient Management is More Than Just a Plan
  • Spring Into No-Till Seeding

Winter 2018 (PDF)

In This Issue:

  • Should I Have Crop Insurance?
  • Financial Analysis for Producers Doing Water Quality Projects
  • Fall Pasture Walks Highlight Extended Grazing Season
  • Why Do We Care About Water Quality?
  • Winter is the Time to Focus on Record Keeping
  • Ongoing Field Research and A Look Forward

2016 & 2017

Fall 2017 (PDF)

In This Issue:

  • RMA Update: "What Do I Do Now?"
  • Demonstrating Sucess: Corn Hybrid Trials
  • Grazing as a New Management Practice
  • Managing Slugs Begins in the Fall
  • Helping Farmers Adapt to a Changing Landscape

Summer 2017 (PDF)

In This Issue:

  • RMA Update: Forage Seeding
  • Farm Economics and the RAPs
  • Spring Bus Tour
  • Can Rolling-Crimping Help Manage Cover Crops?
  • Expect to Apply Nitrogen Due to the Wet Weather
  • Think Spring When Planting Cover Crops
  • Upcoming Opportunity for Farmers to Develop Grazing Plans

Spring 2017 (PDF)

In This Issue:

  • Streamlining Programs Means Less Effort for Farmers
  • Manure Training for Applicators and Farmers
  • Grazing Charts: An Adaptable Record Keeping Tool
  • Cover Crops: From Research to Reality
  • Crop Yield and N Management in a Cover Crop/No-Till System
  • Vertical Tillage: How Does It Fit in the Tillage Continuum?

Winter 2016-2017 (PDF)

In This Issue:

  • Beginning Farmer & Rancher Benefits
  • How Do We Decide When to No-Till Alfalfa?
  • Gullies - A Significant Source of Soil Loss
  • The Soil Health Equation
  • Regenerative Agriculture & the Carbon Conversation
  • Mustard Cover Crops Offer Benefits Beyond Soil Health

Fall 2016 (PDF)

In This Issue:

  • New RAP Law Comes into Effect this Fall
  • Crop Insurance Update
  • What's Your Watershed: A Look at Lake Champlain & McKenzie Brook
  • Successful No-Till Alfalfa on Clay Soils
  • Grasslands Face Troubling Times: How to Restore their Perceived Value
  • Aeration Tillage: Effects on Hay Yield & Soil Compaction
  • Legumes: Getting More Out of Your Cover Crop


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