UVM Extension Grazing and Livestock Programming is a coordinated effort between several Extension Teams. Based throughout the state, our teams are here to provide comprehensive education, outreach, technical assistance, and collaborative research for grazing and livestock farmers across Vermont.


Center for Sustainable Agriculture

The Center for Sustainable Agriculture advances sustainable food and farming systems in Vermont and beyond. We cultivate partnership, support innovative research and practices, and inform policy to benefit Vermont communities and the UVM campus. Center staff and faculty research leading-edge practices and new approaches that help farmers and other food system stakeholders who are seeking profitability, incorporating environmentally regenerative practices, and addressing social and community-based food-related needs.

Technical Assistance (TA) Providers:

  • Juan Alvez

    Juan AlvarezJuan joined the Center in 2012. He holds a BS in Agronomy from the Federal University of Santa Catarina in Brazil, and an MS in Plant and Soil Sciences and PhD in Natural Resources from UVM. His work addresses environmental, social and productive aspects of grazing farms, with emphasis on pasture management, ecosystems conservation and sustainable livelihoods, a natural fit as he comes from a two-generation pasture-based family farm in Uruguay. Juan has done interdisciplinary research in grazing management, agroecology, ecosystems goods and services, conservation policy, green markets, and ecological economics.
  • Kelsie Meehan

    Kelsie Meehan saying hello to a friendly cowKelsie joined the Center team as part of the Dairy Business Innovation Center Dairy Herd Management project. She holds a BA in Biology from Williams College and has ten years of experience working with grass-based dairies and farmstead creameries. Her experience includes working on and managing farms in the Adirondacks, New Zealand, and Vermont, and owning a cultured butter business.
  • Amber Reed

    Amber Reed sitting in a field with cows

    Amber joined the Center and the UVM Extension staff to give technical assistance to farmers for grazing and pasturing livestock. She also works with the VT Agency of Agriculture's PSWF program. She holds a BA in Environmental Studies and Studio Art from Bowdoin College, and was a New Agrarian Apprentice for two years in the Ranch Manager HMI Program through the Quivira Coalition. Since then she has been working on and managing farms for more than a decade. Her experience ranges from Colorado to France to Maine and from ranching to dairy to sheep. Amber lives in the NEK with her family on a small sheep farm along the Connecticut River.

Northwest Crops and Soils Program (NWCS)

The University of Vermont Extension Northwest Crops and Soils Program (NWCS) aims to provide the best and most relevant cropping information, both research-based and experiential, delivered in the most practical and understandable ways to Vermont farmers. The bulk of trials are conducted at Borderview Research Farm in Alburgh, Vermont.

Technical Assistance (TA) Providers:

  • Sara Ziegler

    Sara ZieglerSara Ziegler is a graduate of the UVM Department of Plant and Soil Science, where she earned the Agronomy, Soils and Sustainable Agriculture Senior Recognition Award, the Lewis Ralph Jones Award, and the Seymour Horticultural Prize. Sara has been focusing on our grassfed dairy project, as well as annual livestock forages trials, the milkweed project, and nutrient management planning. She also assists with testing lab activities as well as contributing her agronomy knowledge through field research data collection.

Champlain Valley Crop, Soil and Pasture Team (CVCROPS)

The Champlain Valley Crop, Soil and Pasture Team (CVCROPS) is a group of UVM Extension professionals and partners working to provide technical assistance to Vermont Farmers in the Lake Champlain Watershed. We strive to bring you research-based knowledge that has practical applications on your farm, and address many production-related issues associated with water quality and farm profitability.

Technical Assistance (TA) Providers:

  • Cheryl Cesario

    Cheryl Cesario saying hi to a cowCheryl works with farmers to get the most out their pastures, balancing the needs of people, plants, animals, and water quality. She prepares grazing plans, setting up farms to be as profitable as possible while utilizing one of Vermont’s best crops… Pasture! Before joining UVM Extension as a Grazing Outreach Professional, Cheryl spent eight years with the Vermont Organic Farmers certification program and graduated with a degree in Animal Science from the University of New Hampshire and a Master’s degree from UVM in Plant and Soil Science.


For all grazing-related needs, please use our Contact Us form. We will work as as team to identify the best grazing professional to respond as quickly as possible.