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Travis Reynolds: Smallholder Livelihood Choices (and Non-Choices) in sub-Saharan Africa

Feb 21, 2020
12:00 pm to 1:00 pm
Farrell Hall 005

While in many low-income countries rural households are increasingly diversifying their income portfolios away from farming, specialization in small-scale agriculture has remained the norm across much of Africa. Effective targeting of development interventions to support food security, resilience and inclusive agricultural and economic transformation requires an understanding of rural smallholders' livelihood strategies across a range of local contexts. This talk emphasizes opportunities to integrate large-scale farm- and household-level survey datasets like the World Bank Living Standards Measurement Study - Integrated Surveys on Agriculture (LSMS-ISA) and the Demographic and Health Surveys (DHS) with other publicly available administrative and remotely-sensed geospatial data to pursue novel questions around how global climate change, deforestation, and land degradation intersect with national policies, regional and local markets, and local institutions and cultural norms to shape smallholder livelihood outcomes.

Dr. Travis Reynolds is an Assistant Professor of Community Development and Applied Economics, where he teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in food policy, applied economics, and research methods. His research areas include institutional economics, agricultural development, and payments for environmental services, with an emphasis on the links between agriculture, food security, community governance institutions and the environment.

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