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Ekphrastic Poetry Night

Nov 13, 2019
6:00 pm to 7:00 pm
Fleming Museum 204 (Marble Court)

How do you interpret and respond to the messages of RESIST! INSIST! PERSIST! and Be Strong and Do Not
Betray Your Soul? Compose an ekphrastic poem inspired by the works in these exhibitions that explore s
how language and visual art can work together to amplify a message. The ancient Greeks taught ekphrasis
as a way to share the emotional experience and content of an art object through detailed descriptive
writing. In later centuries, ekphrasis was used to create vivid descriptions of art that functioned as works
of communicative art in themselves. Writers of selected poems will be invited to take part in this public
reading. A collection of submitted poems will be printed in a booklet available at the Museum.
Submissions must be received by October 18. For details, visit the events page at

Price: Regular Admission
Sponsor: Fleming Museum

For more information, contact Fleming Museum at 802-656-0750 or

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