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Richard TT Forman: Size and Arrangement of Urban Parks, and Urban Region Plans for the Future

Oct 25, 2019
12:00 pm to 1:00 pm
Johnson House 101

Urban park/greenspace size is evaluated based on air cooling, biodiversity, flood reduction, and recreation. Major urban greenspaces provide different values according to their arrangement around a city, and distribution globally. Both large and small greenspaces are valuable. Selected ecological dimensions in non-park areas are pinpointed. With a billion new people every 14 yr, cities mushroom, though four better places for growth are identified. Success depends on developing and following an urban region plan---valuable for every city. Few viable models exist, though the challenge is tractable.

Richard T. T. Forman, Professor Emeritus at Harvard University, is often considered a "father" of landscape ecology and also road ecology, helps spearhead urban ecology, and recently pioneered town ecology. His primary scholarly interest links science with spatial pattern to interweave nature and people on the land. Other research interests include changing land mosaics, conservation, and land-use planning. With a Haverford College B.S., University of Pennsylvania Ph.D., and two honorary doctoral degrees, he now teaches ecology in the Harvard Graduate School of Design and formerly also in Harvard College. He taught at the Escuela Agricola Panamericana, University of Wisconsin and Rutgers University, and received the Lindback Foundation Award for Excellence in Teaching. He served as President or Vice-President of three professional societies, and has received honors/awards in France, Colombia, England, Italy, China, Czech Republic, Australia, and the USA. Internationally, he deciphers spatial patterns from cities to wilderness, and catalyzes the spread of ecological ideas and applications for society. Professor Forman has authored numerous articles; his books include the award-winning Land Mosaics (1995), award-finalist Urban Ecology: Science of Cities (2014), and Towns, Ecology, and the Land (2019).

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