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Gund Tea Series - Johanna Polsenberg: Protecting the Health of our Oceans, with a Focus on Sub-Saharan Africa

Apr 6, 2018
12:00 pm to 1:00 pm
Johnson House 101

If managed and used sustainably, the oceans could provide people with very high-quality sources of protein and other important natural resources. Coupled with the population growth and the region's heavy reliance on their natural resources, Sub-Saharan Africa represents both an urgent challenge and a huge opportunity for using this wealth from the oceans as to reduce hunger, alleviate poverty and secure good livelihoods. I will discuss my work in an NGO on ocean health in general and my current role developing a strategy for expanded ocean conservation engagement in Sub-Saharan Africa.

For more information, contact Nora Shahoud at 656-2906 or

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