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World Cafe on Free Speech

Nov 14, 2017
9:00 am to 12:00 pm
Silver Pavilion, Alumni House, 61 Summit Street

College campuses across the country historically have been used as deliberate platforms for provocative speech, often becoming the flashpoint for significant social justice movements. Recent examples of the "free speech debate" from around the country highlight the need to intentionally develop environments where we can engage in healthier and deeper dialogue around potentially divisive issues.
How do we, as a University community, be committed to freedom of speech and also be proactive about and responsive to the potential hurt and trauma caused by hostile words?
How do we stay engaged and supportive of those impacted on either side of an issue even when we may be triggered ourselves?
How do we maintain academic freedom and UVM's commitment to Our Common Ground in the face of harmful speech?
The World Cafe format allows us to come together as a community to proactively explore matters of free speech. Those who have gathered for previous World Cafe gatherings report having found shared motivation for continued collaboration leading to concrete action steps.
Register now and join us for an interactive and engaging dialogue!

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