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Asexual/Aromantic: all you need to know about invisibility

Sep 6, 2017
5:30 pm to 7:15 pm
Allen House 104 (French Family Classroom)

This panel discussion will focus on questions related to these relatively invisible identities on the lgbtqa+ spectrum. Asexuality and Aromantism have been sidelined due to bias in the lgbtq community and society as a whole. Research shows not everyone experiences sexual or romantic attraction. Come and hear the experiences of people who identify as Asexual and Aromantic; there's a lot people who don't understand. If you would like accommodations, contact Non-UVM community can park in the Allen House parking lot after 6pm. For more information, email Becca at or Becky at

Sponsor: LGBTQA Center

For more information, contact Swem, Rebecca at 6564907 or

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