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Growing Abolition: A lecture with jackie sumell

Oct 27, 2021
5:30 pm to 6:30 pm
301 Williams Hall

Join artist jackie sumell for this engaging lecture "Growing Abolition: Presenting the Interdependence of Social Sculpture, Mindfulness Practices, Humanness, and Prison Abolition." Historically, plants are part of the resistance, communicating freedom and liberation. Plants, as healers and storytellers were used to map significant places along the underground railroad. Okra (ngombo), whose seeds were braided into the hair of the enslaved as they struggled to survive the abhorrent middle passage were then planted into colonized soil. Jackie asks, "How does the natural world endorse abolition as a strategy for liberation?" If we accept abolition as a commitment to ending cycles of harm, we can begin to see all the ways the natural world informs the tenets of human abolition. From the gardens we learn profound lessons in patience, interdependence, care and mutual aid. We learn about different relationships and boundaries. Abolition, like growing a plant, requires daily attention and care. Love, hope, compassion, social equity- like a garden-need time, patience, practice and nurturing to fully blossom.

Price: FREE; no registration required

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