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Northeast Healthy Soils Network 2021 webinar series

Jun 4, 2021
1:00 pm to 3:00 pm
Virtual Event

Measuring healthy soils and ecological outcomes in the Northeast.

Join us for the third event of the Northeast Healthy Soils Network 2021 webinar series with a special focus on measuring healthy soils and ecological outcomes.

Equitable access to reliable measurement and evaluation tools is essential to creating financing mechanisms, informing policy-making, and identifying the limits of soil health practices. Practitioners from across the region will provide insight into a diversity of approaches and perspectives on measuring healthy soils and associated outcomes on farms in the Northeast. We¿ll explore the gaps in our collective understandings of soil health, learn about important opportunities behind farmer-driven inquiry, and discuss new research projects to link soil health, ecosystem services, and farm viability.

The Northeast Healthy Soils Network is organized by a coalition of university, NGO and farmer partners to bring together research, policy, and farmer perspectives to address pressing healthy soils issues. Our intent is to connect activities and initiatives from across the northeast region and to create dialogue among a variety of perspectives.

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