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Rachael Oldinski: Plants Under Pressure: Sustainable Medical Products

Nov 13, 2020
12:00 pm to 1:00 pm
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Professor Oldinski-Floreani will dive into the world of naturally-sourced materials, specifically alginate, a derivative of brown seaweed. Plants are a renewable resource, and plant-derivative polymers can be engineered to meet the structural and mechanical demands for functional materials development. In this talk, Prof. Oldinski-Floreani will introduce three thrusts in her research program: 1) Medical tissue sealants for lung damage, 2) Plant-based textiles, and 3)Cultured meat products.

Dr. Rachael Oldinski-Floreani's research program revolves around sustainable biomaterial design and fabrication for drug delivery, tissue engineering, and regenerative medicine applications. The Engineered Biomaterials Research Laboratory, under Dr. Oldinski-Floreani's direction, investigates the fundamental understanding and development of polymeric materials for biological applications with a specific emphasis on tissue regeneration and drug delivery. Specifically, Dr. Oldinski-Floreani's group critically and logically examines the role biomaterials and physical environments play to impact cell behavior. Areas of interest include: (i) developing novel polymeric materials and precursors; (ii) utilizing processing techniques to fabricate scaffolds with the desired micro- and macroscopic structures both spatially and temporally; (iii) investigating the interaction of cells with these materials while developing materials-based techniques to control cell differentiation; and (iv) using polymers to control the delivery of therapeutic molecules, including anticancer agents. Under the umbrella of my research mission related to environmental impacts are two main research interests accompanied by one or more research projects. The common theme among all the projects is the investigation into the understanding of structure-function relationships of polymer hydrogels.

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