Environmental Studies at UVM

ENVS 137 Landscape Design Fundamentals

Landscape Design Fundamentals is a studio course that introduces students to the principles of landscape design. Students in this class will examine the world in new and different ways, including observations of natural and cultural phenomena, and studies of form and function on small and largescale sites. We will explore the process of landscape design, from site inventories and analyses to conceptual and schematic plans, and learn the basics of planting plans, section drawings, and design details. Students will learn to use graphic media and materials and will be expected to keep a sketchbook practicing their skills. This class will work on two major design projects during the semester, at least one of which will be in collaboration with partners from the Vermont community. Typically, the first is a team project that introduces students to field observation, drawing, and analysis techniques. The second is an individual project, which requires critical thinking about a real design challenge and will include schematic planning and design details. Students will work on graphic and verbal presentation skills, and learn to give their peers constructive criticism. Students will share their work with faculty, professionals, and community partners during mid‐term and final presentations. Cross-listed with NR 137 and PSS 137. Enrollment Limit: 20.


Stephanie Hurley




Fall, Cross-Listed Course


Minimum junior standing; at least one course in drawing, design, or mapping; instructor permission required

Enrollment Limit: 



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