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Founded in 1972 by UVM presidential mandate, the campus-wide Environmental Program was established to meet the need for greater understanding of the ecological and cultural systems supporting all life on earth. Environmental studies (ENVS) students and faculty at UVM form a vibrant and creative culture. We encourage community engagement through internships and service learning and we actively support student advocacy and political awareness. We promote environmental education at all levels as well as artistic expression of environmental values. Our community is a lively hub of activity, taking up local and global issues with passion and rigor. We believe in collaborative problem-solving and the power of human imagination to create a more sustainable future. We think you will find this Program a beacon of hope amidst the very challenging environmental dilemmas that face humanity.

Announcements & Events

Monday, March 5:

Jillian Scanell is our latest student to get published - Burlington mayor, councilors, listen.

Friday, March 2:

Step up and make your voice heard. Be an active and engaged citizen. That's what two ENVS students did this week with their published opinion pieces. 


Friday, January 26th, 12-1pm

Gund Tea  in the Davis Center, Jost Foundation Room
PRESENTERAdrian Ivakhiv – Steven Rubenstein Professor for Environment & Natural Resources at UVM
TITLE:  Navigating Earth’s ‘Zone of Alienation’: Chernobyl and the Search for Adequate Images of the Anthropocene

This talk will propose some imagistic and narrative tools for thinking the Anthropocene, the current "Age of the Human." Grounded in research on Chernobyl and other socio-ecological "sacrifice zones," I will propose that the Anthropocene may best be thought of as a "time out of joint," a time marked by a geography in which "zones of alienation" and of resistance -- from Chernobyl and Fukushima to the hurricane, drought, fire, and floodscapes of climate change and the conflict zones of carbon capitalism (like Standing Rock, North Dakota) -- become key sites of struggle over the future of the Earth. At the heart of this struggle is the need to create what filmmaker Werner Herzog has called "adequate images" for our time.

January 31, 2018:

The Office of International Education (OIE) at the University of Vermont is sponsoring its annual Study Abroad Fair on January 31, 2018 in the Grand Maple Ballroom (4th floor Davis Center). Stop by anytime between 11am and 3pm.

  • Study Abroad Advisors and reps. from approved study abroad programs can answer questions, offer brochures, and help you apply to study abroad.
  • The Vermont Passport Agency will be there to accept applications for US passports and renewals, and will waive the expedite fee (a $60 value!) for anyone who turns in an application at the fair!
  • Also there: Information about financing study abroad and scholarship opportunities, and info about transferring credits.

Everyone is welcome - from students thinking about studying abroad, to those just returning from abroad!

September 22, 2017:

Ingrid Nelson, Presenter at the Gund Tea, 12-1pm, Gund Institute for Environment Conference Room (Johnson House - 617 Main St)
TITLE:  Rumor and Expertise in the Making of Woodland Landscapes in Central Mozambique: A Feminist Political Ecology Perspective
An overview of how researchers and activists might analyze banal or everyday practices in order to trace power relations and violence in spaces of sustainable development intervention. Specific practices covered in this presentation include sweeping, eating, sleeping and fomenting rumor to shape woodland eco-social relations amidst legacies of repeated social and conservation interventions.

June 1, 2017:

Cool new paper by Amy Seidl and others on how students learn about sustainability and climate change across the curriculum.

May 19, 2017: 

Some current and recent recipients of the Ian Worley Award, pictured with Nathan Sanders, Ian Worley, and Gary Simpson.

ENVS grads and the faculty and staff celebrated a lovely night on the terrace of the Waterman building.

May 4, 2017: 

Congratulations to Ernesto Mendez for becoming a Full Professor, to Brendan Fisher for receiving tenure and to Amy Seidl for becoming a Senior Lecturer! 

May 3, 2017:

Rachelle Gould, Assistant Professor, just had a novel paper published in the journal Ecosystem Services. The paper points out that while “Ecosystem Services” attract lots of attention, the Cultural Ecosystem Services that nature provides have largely been ignored. Her paper proposes three new “Cultural Ecosystem Services,” based on empirical data from Hawaii. Those three services are:

Ingenuity: ecosystems aid in developing innovative ideas, approaches, or practices
Life teaching: an ecosystem’s provision of opportunities for learning life lessons and personal values
Perspective: ecosystems’ helping people to gain perspective on their place in the world, to see where they fit, or to "put things back in perspective"

To read more, check out the full article here.

April 24, 2017: 

ENVS 002 does the 2017 VPIRG Youth Lobby Day

On April 12, forty students from UVM’s Environmental Program traveled to Montpelier for the annual VPIRG Youth Lobby Day. Students and Teaching Assistants from Katlyn Morris’ ENVS 002 course attended as an optional field trip for the class to witness local governance firsthand, and to take a stand in support of climate legislation. Read the full story - several students share photos and reflections from the experience. 


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Our Mission & History

Please take a look at our mission statement and core learning outcomes to see how we frame the student experience in this popular UVM environmental program.

See our beautiful, 36 page publication of the 40 year story of the UVM Environmental Program.  Learn more about our founding, history, and community of creative thinkers and active participants.  Click the image below to view an interactive version, or you can download the large PDF.  Or, if you want us to send you a paper copy, please e-mail Ibit Wright.