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A senior thesis or creative project is an in-depth inquiry that explores a question or topic of scholarship and contributes original thought to the field of study. 

  • The process:

    1. Complete ENVS 201 OR an approved Methods course in your Junior Year.
    2. Submit 8-page proposal according to ENVS Thesis Proposal Guidelines (note: for CAS-HCOL students the guidelines are the same). This proposal must be submitted by last Friday in April or last Friday in September. The April date is important for students conducting summer research. Submit to and your Thesis advisor.
    3.  ENVS Thesis Committee and your Thesis Advisor will evaluate proposal – must be evaluated in “A/A-” range to be approved.
    4. Create a committee of two faculty advisors – one you have already secured as your Thesis Advisor (one must be fulltime ENVS faculty or affiliate for ENVS majors). If this is an Honor’s College thesis three advisors are required.
    5. Fill out the Thesis Declaration Form.
    6. If your thesis is approved, sign up for 6 credits of ENVS 202 [can be split across semesters]
    7. Consult with your advisor to ensure research falls within Human Subject and Animal Welfare Protocol.
    8. Ensure the thesis is properly referenced and all images appropriately cited. Make sure  there are no issues with copyright infringement (Contact Laurie Kutner for help if necessary).
    9. Submit draft version of your thesis to your Committee by April 1 (May Graduates) or Nov. 1 (December Graduates)
    10. Submit final version of your Thesis to your committee by May 1 (or Dec. 1) and send them this evaluation form.
    11. Upload final version to Scholar Works form.

Forms and Resources

Declaration form

Advisor evaluation form

PDF iconPrint authorization form

  • ENVS will cover the cost of printing and binding

FileSpring 2019 Thesis Timeline Planner


• April 1st - submit a full draft of your thesis to your advisors (November 1st for Fall graduates)

• May 1st – submit a final copy of your thesis to your advisors and Scholar Works (December 1st for Fall graduates)