Working in the Apple orchard

The opportunities are endless (well not really, but there are a lot). 

Researching everything from ants to agroecology, ENVS faculty members engage daily in the pursuit of meaningful and impactful research, scholarship and creative work.

UVM's goal remains to translate what we learn or discover at the university into innovations that benefit all facets of society. Undergraduate students have the option of enrolling in independent research courses or working directly with a faculty member or graduate students on a research project.

Research Opportunities

Interested in research? Contact our faculty to ask about their scholarship and inquire about opportunities to get involved.

Need funding for summer research, scholarship or projects?

The Environmental Program is a leader at UVM in research. Here are three opportunities to apply for financial support.

Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Summer Awards

Explicitly recognizing this intersection between environmental and justice challenges facing the world today, the Environmental Program, in collaboration with the Mosaic Center, is launching its inaugural Justice, Equity, Inclusion and Diversity Summer Awards. We aim to offer three awards this summer carrying a $3500 stipend and $500 for expenses.  

Ian Worley Award

The intention of the Ian Worley Awards is to recognize students and faculty whose inspired, novel and creative ideas have led them to seek innovative paths in pursuing environmental goals. Establishing these awards was inspired by the empowering teaching of Ian A. Worley, former Professor of Botany and Environmental Studies in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences and Director of the University’s Environmental Program. Dr. Worley’s integrative and creative approach to problem solving and scientific inquiry was inspiring and impactful to the Gary Simpson, who initiated this award in the spirit of fostering and celebrating creative, integrative, imaginative and innovative approaches in dealing with the environmental challenges that face us.

Summer Undergraduate Research Awards

The Environmental Program at UVM is a university-wide interdisciplinary program encouraging high impact learning and active student engagement in building a sustainable future.

To meet that mission, the Program offers summer research awards of up to $3,000 (for salary and/or expenses) to UVM undergraduate students conducting environmentally related research.


How do I get involved with research?

Just ask! 38 percent of UVM undergraduates conduct research with a faculty mentor. 

Talk to an ENVS faculty member or advisor