Professor of Ecology, Associate Dean of Rubenstein School

Nate Sanders works with students and collaborators at the intersection of community ecology, ecosystem ecology, and macroecology, with an explicit focus on the consequences of global change. Specific areas of inquiry focus on the effects of climate change in mountain ecosystems around the world, the cascading consequences of sodium limitation in terrestrial ecosystems, and many aspects of the ecology of ants.


  • Sheldon KS, Huey RB, Kaspari M, Sanders NJ (2018) 50 years of mountain passes: a perspective on Dan Janzen’s classic paper. The American Naturalist 191: 553-565
  • Liu H, Mi Z, Lin L, Wang Y, Zhang Z, Zhang F, Wang H, Liu L, Zhu B, Cao G, Zhao X, Sanders NJ, Classen AT, Reich PB, He J-S (2018) Shifting plant species composition in response to climate change stabilizes grassland primary production. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 115: 4051-4056
  • Alexander J, Chalmandrier L, Lenoir J, Burgess T, Essl F, Halder S, Kueffer C, McDougall K, Milbau A, Nunez MA, Pauchard A, Rabitsch W, Rew L, Sanders NJ, Pellisier L (2018) The pace of alpine plant community change in a warming climate. Global Change Biology 24: 563-579
  • Hendershot JN, Read QR, Henning JA, Sanders NJ, Classen AT (2017) Consistently inconsistent drivers of microbial abundance and diversity at macroecological scales. Ecology 98: 1757-1763
  • CaraDonna PJ, Petry WK, Brennan RM, Cunningham JL, Bronstein JL, Waser NM, Sanders NJ (2017) Interaction rewiring and the rapid turnover of plant- pollinator networks. Ecology Letters 20: 385-394
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Areas of Expertise and/or Research

Global change ecology 


  • PhD, Ecology, Stanford University
  • BA, Environmental, Population and Organismic Biology, University of Colorado


Office Hours:

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