In partnership with the Central Vermont Economic Development Corporation, the University of Vermont’s Office of Engagement is piloting a summer internship program in Central Vermont to expand UVM’s reach into rural communities in the state.

UVM students will have the opportunity to connect with Central Vermont employers and rural economies for summer internships. The pilot program will support the intern cohort and area employers through professional development workshops, intern wage subsidies and response to barriers faced by intern hosts. Interns will earn $20/hour. The program runs from May 30-August 4, 2023.

Education Intern & Corporate Strategy Intern - Vermont Granite Museum

antique wagon on display

Located within an authentic turn-of-the-century granite manufacturing plant, the museum’s mission is to create stimulating, interactive environments for learning about the geology, technology, history, and art of Vermont’s unique granite heritage art, industry, capabilities and cultural heritage. The educational development intern will assist the museum’s executive director in conducting the data collection, research, analysis, and writing required to prepare a plan for the educational programming to be developed and implemented at the Vermont Granite Museum over the next five years. The corporate strategy intern will assist the museum’s executive director in conducting the data collection, research, analysis, and writing required to prepare a five-year business plan for the museum.

Contact: Scott McLaughlin

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Social Media Intern - Wheeler Environmental Services

This small family business is committed to providing high quality, affordable environmental consulting services including radon mitigation, asbestos inspection, wetland delineation and more. Wheeler Environmental Services is offering an opportunity to for a student intern to create and implement a social media campaign. 

Contact: Emily Reynolds

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Stewardship Facilitator - Mad River Chamber of Commerce

family next to river

The partners of stewardMRV are responding to the needs of local public and private sites and landowners, while proactively engaging in protecting these recreation areas years into the future. The Stewardship Facilitator will coordinate a site volunteer program, communicate with and support stewards, ensure that the contributing town’s need are being met and liaison with vendors Wind River and A&J Recycling.

Contact: Eric Friedman

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Machining Intern - Dessureau Machines

Dessureau Machines, Inc., is a family-owned precision manufacturing company in Barre with customers in food production, semi-conductor, aerospace, defense, medical production and other high-tech industries. We strive every day to combine Vermont values, new technologies, and engineering-based manufacturing to provide our customers with high levels of quality and service. The intern will manage CAM software machining database, learn how to set up and run precision CNC machining equipment, inventory management, part inspection, CAD parts and assemblies and programming.

Contact: Mark Dessureau

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New School of Montpelier - Board Assistant

kids crawling on huge pumpkin

The New School of Montpelier is a learning community committed to preparing individuals with unique and complex challenges for successful lives, using evidence-based practices to promote independence, communication, social/emotional skills and academic growth, all within a culture of safety and belonging. The school's board of directors, elected by the worker-owners who are members of the Cooperative, is looking for a board assistant to take notes at meetings and organize documents for thr board. The intern will also have the opportunity to learn about our unique governance structure as the largest employee-owned cooperative in the state of Vermont, and assist in improving our systems for effective governance. The internship will take place at the three programs on our Montpelier campus, which are Bridge, Summit, and Radioflyers, as well as our Glover campus in the Northeast Kingdom and our Burelli Farm Adult/Alumni Program campus in Berlin, near Montpelier.

Contact: Angus Mudge

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Caledonia Spirits - Social Media Intern

man standing next to distillery tank

Caledonia Spirits, a craft distillery in Montpelier, was founded on a vision to support working landscapes and local agriculture by distilling Barr Hill craft spirits from regionally-sourced raw materials. We produce America's Most Awarded Gin, and feature a world-class bar program that further celebrates the connections between cocktail culture and agriculture. The intern will nurture our online community through social media engagement with our fans and partners, creating dialogue and bringing the brand to life. Work includes daily community engagement, social analytics and assessment, content creation, skill building in new tools and creating a content pipeline and teaser campaign for Bee's Knees Week, a charitable initiative that underwrites habitat creation for endangered pollinators.

Contact: Elizabeth Bigelow

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Vermont Community Farm - Corporate Strategy/Social Media Intern

basket of vegetables

The Vermont Community Farm is in the start-up phase as a wellness farm focused on using therapeutic animals, nature and mindfulness to heal beings. (Think Eco-tourism meets well-being on this sustainable farm in Vermont with a stunning event barn, covered therapeutic horseback riding arena, and individual cabins with nature views and peace and serenity.) This is an exciting internship opportunity; VCF is looking to provide interns with opportunities to grow and expand. Includes community building, creating partnerships, collaborating with other visionaries and thought leaders, engaging in project management utilizing Trello, and building the foundation for our growing online presence on a website and social media platforms. We are looking for creative individuals to bring their unique perspectives to VCF to help create this community wellness farm vision with a strong and diverse foundation. 

Contact: Samara Anderson

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Working Fields - Marketing & Community Dev't Intern

Working Fields logo

Working Fields offers any jobseeker local career opportunities and peer coaching, which enables employers to recruit from a larger talent pool. Our community-based approach is designed to address systemic barriers to employment—such as transportation, childcare, justice system involvement, and substance use disorder—and build inclusive workplaces. During this internship, you’ll get hands-on experience in various marketing projects as we continue to build our presence in central Vermont. You’ll lead outreach efforts from giving presentations to planning events, and network with service agencies, government departments, nonprofits, and local businesses.   

Contact: Daryn Forgeron

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Lajeunesse Interiors - Construction Estimator

Building facade

Lajeunesse Interiors is a specialties contractor that sells and installs manufactured products such as bathroom partitions and accessories, lockers, operable walls, athletic equipment, window shades, wall protection, and fire protection to name a few. We work primarily in schools, hospitals, and industrial facilities. During this internship, you’ll get hands-on experience in various marketing projects as we continue to build our presence in central Vermont. You’ll lead outreach efforts—from giving presentations to planning events—and network with service agencies, government departments, nonprofits, and local businesses.   

Contact: Ann Hutchins

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Central Vermont Community Radio - Summer Intern

Station logo

CVCR’s mission is to provide a community radio station which serves the people of north central Vermont and beyond; to provide a forum for cultivating social change that re-harmonizes human communities with the natural world; and supports the independent arts and celebrates diversity, creativity, and freedom. We inform, entertain and educate through the presentation of alternative news, artistic expression, and public affairs programming. We do this by broadcasting local community and national syndicated radio content via two stations, 91.1 FM, WGDR, Plainfield and 91.7 FM, WGDH, Hardwick, as well as streaming worldwide at The summer intern will help recruit new listeners, programmers, underwriters, and supporters; work on our big 50th celebration party of WGDR for the fall and learn about how a small non-profit can make a big impact. The station has lots of additional experiences to offer you two including learning technical skills, radio production, marketing and promotion, fundraising, project management and more.

Contact: Llu Mulvaney-Stanak

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Cabot Community Association - Community Projects Intern

Cabot meeting hall

The Cabot Community Association (CCA) is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization that works with community members and organizations to enhance the educational and recreational opportunities in Cabot and support a strong local economy. This internship provides an opportunity to hone organizational skills, create an actual product (or two), demonstrate skills, and build relationships with those working in the areas of community and economic development and outdoor recreation at the municipal, regional and state level. In addition, the CCA publishes a community newspaper, The Cabot Chronicle, providing an opportunity to develop interviewing and writing skills and publish written work.

Contact: Lori Augustyniak

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Capstone Community Action - Social Media & Market Research Intern

Capstone logo

The GreenSavingSmart program is a state funded financial and energy coaching pilot program administered by the five Community Action Agencies in Vermont. This program helps low- and moderate-income Vermonters establish financial wellness through individualized one-on-one coaching. Our financial coaches help participants manage personal finances while offering ways to reduce carbon usage through transportation options, home energy upgrades, and tax credits and incentives to help boost our participants’ savings and improve their lives. The goal of this internship will be to support social media strategy, content creation, and market research in order to increase engagement and awareness around GreenSavingSmart and to uncover new ways this program can better serve low- and moderate-income Vermonters. The intern will be able to build skills such as systems design, content creation, data collection and analysis, public speaking, strategic thinking and market research.

Contact: Kelsey Gibb

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More about this program:

Central Vermont Economic Development Corporation — one of 12 regional development corporations in Vermont — recently announced a partnership with the University of Vermont’s Office of Engagement to pilot a summer internship program in Central Vermont to expand UVM’s reach into rural communities in the state. Read more.


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